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    Jun. 1, 2009

    Default Sales horse-failed ppe-see new add, new name WWYD?

    Last year I took a horse on trial. He was a bit wonky, but had been out of work for a while and there was no place to try him at his owners. He was obviously NQR behind, but considering he'd been out of work for so long and was a bit silly and spooky we went ahead with the PPE. The vets failed him immediately as having something serious behind and strongly suggested we not waste any more money in diagnostics. Owner assured us she would do diagnostics and call us with results. Never heard from her again (nor did we expect to). I just recently saw this horse advertised again. Same photos, same ad, but different name of horse, (unregistered geld). Same name of owner, but now listed at a well known sales/training barn. Is this a myob situation or should I let this trainer know she's being snowed and the horse isn't right?
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    Definitely MYOB.

    What would you do anyway?

    Sadly, this is not uncommon in all levels of horse sales.

    Any 1/2 savvy potential buyer will also have the horse vetted.
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    My thought: It's been a year. You don't really know for sure what specifically was NQR. Perhaps the owner got it treated. Perhaps the problem resolved itself with rest and a reconditioning program at this trainer's barn. Perhaps her vet looked at it, didn't agree with the other vet's opinion, and that's where things ended. I'm just thinking that when 6 or 12 months go by, who knows what might've changed with a good (good or bad).

    The name change might have been innocent. For example, the trainer might have felt he should be marketed with his papered name not his nickname. Who knows? Now, if seller make efforts to conceal her identity, then I'd be much more worried.

    But your post is a good one because it's a reminder to everyone -- buyer beware! Do a PPE exam on every horse. Some sellers are dishonest, and some honestly had no idea there was a problem.

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    Jul. 31, 2007


    How close are you with the sales barn trainer? How much do you like and trust her?

    This is a MYOB situation unless that trainer is a BFF to you. I'll assume she's not an idiot. If that's true and she already has a business with some longevity, she doesn't need your help. She can see what she has been given to sell. If, on the other hand, you think she's in a deal that she can't afford to be in, I think you can tactfully give her a heads up.

    That might look like "Hey, is that Incognito horse you have advertised also known as Half-A$$ed? Those pictures look the same as the ones used to advertise 1/2A last year. He was, FYI, pronounced 'half a$$ed' by a DVM during a PPE we did, but we didn't figure out what the hind end problem was."

    The key here is telling your BFF what you actually know, only. Be honest and business like, sticking to the facts and keeping away from any other speculation. And don't ask for any gossipy news on how he's doing or opinions about the owner. That's not your business and doesn't help anyone, including the horse. For all you know, the trainer at the sales barn could have been the one who christened ol' 1/2A Incognito for the new sale!
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    One of 2 senerios, here.

    #1: They figured out what was going on behind and the horse is going soundly now.

    #2: The trainer knows, and is in on it.

    Either way, MYOB, me thinks.

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    MYOB and be really happy you didn't buy this horse.
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    Jun. 1, 2009


    Trainer is not even close to BFF. I was thinking I should myob, but then thought maybe I should say something. I'll stick with myob.
    It is amazing to me how many horses have name changes during the sales process. We looked at one last year advertised as kids safe packer, drove 7 hours to see him. Gorgeous and probably was a kid safe packer once you got him groomed and saddled. The problem was he was a dangerous pyrannah in the crossties! Saw him advertised recently again-whole new add, new name, but obviously the same horse with no mention of his ground manners. A kid would have gotten seriously hurt around him.
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    Feb. 6, 2012


    MYOB.. though I hate to say that. I hate that this deception takes place (imo, changing the name on an unregistered gelding is kind of .. weird..). But I can't think of any way to really clue someone in. Hopefully the buyers do a good PPE and the trainer knows and tells them about the previous issues.
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    MYOB. You can't make people be ethical.

    Plus, you don't know that they won't disclose the horse's issues. Maybe they don't in the ad but they might if you called. In that case they are not even being unethical.

    It is not illegal to sell a horse that might have problems. If it was there would be mighty few horses for sale. It is unethical not to disclose problems, but plenty of people buy horses with some issues knowingly.

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