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    Default DraftX & Baucher Bit

    I'm not certain how a baucher bit differents from a loose ring snaffle except that it is more stable in the mouth. Please explain to me what the baucher does and the reason so many draft crosses are being ridden in them.

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    IMHO, alot of draft crosses are being ridden in them (or put in the double early) because they tend to be heavier in the neck and shoulder and harder to get/keep supple and soft. If the training is correct, they can go in a snaffle. This is coming from my experience with a very talented draft X mare. I had alot of trouble with trainers not understanding her design. I found more 'front to back' trainers while I owned her-it was crazy. Having a horse that isn't traditional will poke holes in your trainers abilities like nothing else.
    The Baucher ads a bit of leverage due to the way it hangs on the bridle.
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    The baucher doesn't really exert any leverage--the reins are not placed on a branch below the mouth (as in a pelham or curb), nor are the reins fixed to one spot on the ring (as in an Uxeter Kimberwicke or some of the Myler bits) so there's no pivot.

    The action of the baucher is probably closest to the action of a full-cheek used with bit keepers. Some horses seem to like them better because the bit tends to be stable in the horse's mouth, and some horses seem to prefer that. Some horses become noticeably less fussy with the bit when switched to a baucher.

    Riders sometimes just like the look of the bit.
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    But you know, someone just wrote an article in Dressage Today perpetuating the myth that a Baucher exerts poll pressure. I dunno, I'm just too tired of that nonsense to even write/email Dressage Today to protest that inaccuracy.

    You just want to scream "No! There is NO FULCRUM, ergo, no poll presure." Geesh.

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