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    Question usef/usdf registration and the leased horse

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've tried to find the answer to this question here, there were some that were close but I am still not sure what the right answer is.

    I just started leasing a horse and am thinking about trying for USDF All-breeds with him. He doesn't show up as recorded under either USEF or USDF. The latter is not surprising as he hasn't shown 3* dressage before, but the former was a little more surprising as he has done all kinds of showing in English and Western classes. The current owner has no desire to join either organization. The horse might (have to check with the owner) be registered in the breed organization, but certainly his papers have his owners name on them.

    So, if I have written agreement from the owner, can I register him at USEF/USDF with me as the owner? For All-breeds, I know he has to be registered with the breed organization, if the horse is already registered there, how do I reconcile ownership between breed organization and USEF/USDF?

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    I ran into this the first year that I leased the horse that I now own... Caused our scores for championships to not be valid

    So you have to fill out a lease affidavit which you can obtain through both organizations (different form for each one). There is a fee but it's fairly small. That gets you out of having to have the owner obtain membership. I believe you then list yourself as the owner on any entry forms. Personally I would call the offices at USDF and USEF and have them verify the correct forms and process. I had to call them a bazillion times to get my horse transferred into my name when I bought him and the people at both USEF and USDF were super friendly and will be happy to help me out... USDF was very fast about processing my paperwork but USEF took a very long time. I would definitely get the papers filed ASAP if you're wanting to show this summer.

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    You also need to check with the breed association as to their requirements for ownership in order to participate in the All-Breeds awards. Most likely, they will not accept you as owner, and the actual owner would have to be current with membership as well as sign up the horse for their awards program if necessary.

    Remember, for USDF All-breeds, the horse has to be Lifetime Registered, not just HID. (Can be HID with USEF, unless you want to go to regionals, then you need Annual or Lifetime)

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    Yep, you can do the lifetime registration for your leased horse. They will take anybodys money

    For the lease recording, you and the owner have to sign the form and you need it notarized before sending it to USDF. I think it's $25 for the first year, but free for all the following years, if you don't let it expire!

    You will be considered the owner as far as showing goes. I never had a problem, but always take a copy of the lease agreement with me to the shows.

    As far as All Breed Awards, I am not sure. Would do as suggested and check with the breed registry.

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