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    Default Horse trailer advice

    I am in the market for a new horse trailer. Does anyone have any experience with the brand Shadow? I have looked at this trailer and really like it but was wondering if anyone has experience with it, did it hold up well, was easy to use and was it safe? I am looking for a two horse bumper pull with tack/dressing room. Need it roomy enough for big horses. Safety is number one! Would love to get a gooseneck, but not sure thats in my budget right now. Any advice is appreciated!

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    Just MO but...

    Several friends/friends of friends have Shadow trailers (mostly GNs). My impression is that they are a decent & safe trailer. Good welds, fairly sturdy (we have a Jamco which is like a tank), and very user friendly in layout that hold up well to moderate use.

    We looked at them (the GNs) down at Traveled Lane Trailers but opted for Jamco as we're hauling stallions and mares & foals and things can be a tad exciting from time to time. But for mares and problem and I would have been very inclined to price out what we wanted.

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    I have a Shadow gooseneck LQ trailer that we bought new 5 yrs ago-I absolutely love it.

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    I'm picking up my 2009 (new to me) Shadow 2+1 with living quarters within the week. It's fabulous!
    Friends also have a 2009 2+1 that they've hauled many many miles to 2 national USDF championships which takes lots of showing. Trailer has performed great. Shadow seems to be a good trailer for the money. Has a very strong floor system, normally heavy axles & tires for their size. Love the standard insulated ceilings & walls. Keeps our horses very cool in summer & warm in winter.
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