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    Default New Dress Boots..HELP

    I have pair of new dress boots, Ariat Mastro, no zippers. I can't get my heel down into the boot, even though the oot is clearly big enough. The calf is tight, but I can get it over my leg. Is this typical with new dress boots and if so, what do I do? I suspect it is part of breaking in, but need to get my foot in to do that :-(

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    Baby powder in your boot?

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    YOu might need something like this
    until you break them in.

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    Instead of the heel lifts you can also put the little round tack sponges in the heel for the same effect.

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    Try putting a plastic bag over your foot. It will make your heel slippery and prevent it from getting stuck.

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    It is also possible that your arch is too high for the boots. I have very high arches and there are some boots that I just cannot get my foot into. It isn't the calf, it is the ankle portion and getting my foot through that.

    Did you not try them on before you bought?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lintesia View Post
    Try putting a plastic bag over your foot. It will make your heel slippery and prevent it from getting stuck.
    except then your foot will sweat inside the bag, inside the boot, and then swell to be too large to pull it back out!

    If you can't get your foot into the boot, you might need to get zippers put in. Some people (like myself) have a high instep which makes it impossible to put on boots without zippers because the instep is too big to push through the ankle area of the boot.

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    Alcohol on INside of boot will help stretch those sections where it is tight. Do you have the wooden "legs" that keep boots upright? They also have the capability to "stretch" the boots in foot andd calves - here is an example:
    Now in Kentucky

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    I've had a pair of Effinghams forever and always use a plastic bag on my foot to put them on.

    I use the produce bags from market, the ones you put lettuce and other veggies in. They are thin, I go through a lot of them but they work like a dream...and NO, my legs/feet do NOT sweat in them.

    I have just bought a pair of Ariat Maestro w/zipper and love love them. They are a little snug at the calf right now and had trouble zipping them up so I bought a rug hook with a wooden handle...problem solved until they stretch.

    ~Dressage, my discipline of choice~

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