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    Default Shows in Region 1

    I am from Southern California where there are shows right in your back yard virtually every weekend. Now, I'm in North East PA and notice that no Dressage trainers around here go to the rated shows. I looked up the Region 1 show list and to get to a show for me would be at least a 2 hour + trip one way. My question is: Is that what Dressage riders who want to show regularly have to do? I can't seem to find any trainer within an hour of me that goes to rated Dressage shows regularly. I am a bit frustrated because I am used to taking lessons and showing once a month during show season. I've shown through fourth level, already have my bronze, and am looking to get my USDF silver medal. Any suggestions? I've even thought of organizing my own rated shows!

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    Welcome to Region 1
    I’m not sure exactly where you’re located, but here goes.
    There are recognized shows almost every weekend in Region 1. Unfortunately, you are in the northern section of the region and many of the shows and really nice facilities are in the southern section of the region. Looking at the Region 1 omnibus, I see that ESDCTA has a show on memorial weekend at the New Jersey Horse Park. There’s Bucks County on June 3. DVCTA Dressage at Fair Hill is June 9 and 10. Fair Hill is located where PA, MD and DE all meet. There’s a show in Bedminster, NJ on June 23, 24. There’s a second Bucks County Horse Park show on July 1. Dressage at the Park (NJ Horse Park) is July 14, 15. Windy Hollow (Sussex County NJ Fair Grounds) has a series June 8-9, June 10, July 20, July 21-22 (4 shows in two weekends). Dressage at the Ranch in Gladstone NJ is August 3-4. There’s another show at the Bucks County Horse Park Aug 5 (and a breed show on the 4th). LVDA has a show at Bucks County Horse Park on Aug 19. Dressage at Stone Tavern (NJ Horse Park) is August 31 to Sept 2. Dressage at Devon is Sept 25-30. ESDCTA has the Garden State Classic (NJ Horse Park) Oct 13, 14.

    If you don’t mind traveling farther, there are many shows at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA including one on April 7, 8 which closes this coming Tuesday.

    There are lots of shows in VA and NC at some really nice facilities.

    If you’re really far north in PA, you might look to Region 8 for some shows. Maybe they have some that are close enough for you.
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