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    Tipperary or Ovation depending on head shape. I have a small head, and the Ovation helmets fit me better than most. Huge vents with great airflow are great for warm weather riding. It does get a little cool riding in the winter though.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! If I do invest in a ventilated helmet, I would like to be able to show in it. I'm not sure that the Tipperary would be appropriate (although the price is appealing!). Does anyone have experience with the Speed Air or KEP versus the CO GR8 (or similar helmets)? Has anyone used the cool medics products?

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    I have not used the cool medics products yet, but this summer I intend to. I did find a couple of threads that might be helpful:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ontherocks View Post
    I have the IRH Elite ( which is supposed to be designed to keep cool, but my head gets incredibly hot when I use it. I get overheated very easily, though, so others who are not as prone to overheating may disagree.
    I'm not prone to overheating and I love my Elite! I can feel the breeze, which is amazing in the hot Texas summers (when it's 100 degrees in the shade). In fact, if I had a complaint, it would be that I hate it for winter riding because my head gets cold!
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    I got a Ovation Carbon Fiber schooling helmet. Runs around $130 but I love it. Super light weight with the "real" Carbon Fiber not the look a like printed stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoGrnRideIrish View Post
    I also was looking for a cheaper alternative for a cooling helmet.

    Not to hijack but has anyone seen the Tipperary T2 Helmet in person?
    Asterix- is this the helmet you were referring to? or a different model?

    I am not a Tipperary fan but this helmet looks intriguing.

    I know it probably wouldn't be acceptable (looks-wise) in the hunters but maybe the jumpers? I am concerned because they list the brim is made of a different material (plastic/rubber?) than the actual helmet. I didn't know how bad that may look up close. Anyone??
    I have one. I got it about a month ago as a replacement for a Tipp Sportage I fell and bonked my head in, and I like this helmet a lot. If I need to replace it for whatever reason, at this point I plan to replace it with another T2. However, I am a Speed Air kinda girl, and like the look of them (and own one that I compete in - but I refuse to wear a $600 helmet schooling!)

    You do not notice any difference between the brim and the helmet. Actually, you mentioning they're different is the first I've even seen of it! I don't have the helmet near me, but I can't recall any tangible difference. It obviously hasn't bothered me any.

    I would be a little more hesitant to wear this one in the hunters than the SpeedAir, because I do think it's a little more... hmm... obvious. If you get the black on black, though, you'd probably be fine.

    Cooling wise, I actually prefer this to the Sportage, and even to the SpeedAir. It certainly hasn't reached heat wave standards here in the great white north just yet, but we've had a few 70-80* days already (gah!!!!) and the helmet has done a really nice job. I'm the person who soaks their helmet in the dead of winter at -20* (that's in a CO AYR8, btw!), so the fact that my hair is hardly damp in such warm temperatures says *a lot*. I would rate it as the best ventilating helmet I've ever worn, and I've ridden in the CO AYR8, the SpeedAir, various old-school vent-y Troxels, the Sportage, the IRH Elite and ATH SSV... etc. Big fan.

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    Another vote for The First Lady, It keeps the sun off my face and keeps my head cool as well. It's worth the money

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