Just got a call from the lady who works at my barn saying the my mom's 2 yr old came in from the pasture dragging her toe. She'll put weight on the foot and there is no swelling, heat, or sensitivity to pressure as far as she can tell. BUT she does not want to walk on it and they coaxed her in to the barn. I am stuck at work for the next 30 minutes and my mom is, of course, out of town (how do these things always happen when owners are gone?). I'm obviously going to give her a good look over and apply a standing wrap to stabilize the leg when I get there, but any ideas on what this could be? I'm thinking possible abcess since they've been going around like crazy with the muddy ground creating soft feet but it seems weird that there wouldn't be heat in the hoof. Any other ideas? I'm waiting until I'm able to look her over before calling the vet out. No need to get an after hours emergency farm call unless it really is an emergency.