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    Jul. 24, 2008


    This was a nice video to see after watching the hour long one that made us all feel so sorry for Totilas.

    Patience and Consistency are Your Friends

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    May. 24, 2011


    I think it's safe to say he knows what apples are!

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    May. 21, 2008
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    Adorable! I sent this to my teen daughters who view Totilas on a much higher pedestal than Justin Bieber! We all saw him at WEG.

    Did my high school German fail me or did he say that they listen to Lady Gaga while riding?

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    A friend of mine sent me this translation:

    This apple is for Totilas, but first I have to find him here at the “Sheep Farm”.
    Sheep I can’t find, but it is the location of the luxurious barn with box stalls for 40 horses and room for a few people. And here is Totilas, and I believe he is being groomed to a T just for me. And while Totilas is enjoying the solarium, his personal groom Dagmar Kallenberg
    takes care of him. She is from Sweden, and came to Germany just for him.
    “Could I pet him?” “Of course”. “Oh, he is sooo soft. Do you use a special shampoo for him?
    “Yes, in fact I do. Baby shampoo”. Somebody told me you sleep in his box once in a while.
    Is that true?” “Not in his box. But when it is necessary, I stay in the barn but not in his box. That would be too much”.
    His trainer Matthias Rath takes him into the arena for a training session. And there Totilas shows why he became World Champion Dressage several times before. “I really don’t know much about dressage, but that looks really great”.
    “Are you happy with his training?” “Oh yes, very happy. He was in really good shape today”.
    “Does he have any weaknesses at all?” “No, Totilas doesn’t have any weaknesses”.
    “Not even a really tiny one?” “Well, he does likes apples. He would do just anything for an apple”. “I think I have just the right thing for him” “Oh, he will love that”.
    And this is how you make a super star happy.
    “You need music for his Kür. Did you find out what kind of music he likes, Lady Gaga maybe? “During his training sessions he always listens to music on his Ipod, and he hears Swedish music or more international music. He really doesn’t mind, I think. He worked with Swedish or international music”.
    “Could I ride him please?” “Would you like that?” “Yes, of course”. That’s OK with me”.
    An unbelievable honor, because Totilas never had an unfamiliar rider before.
    “This is really cool. What a wonderful feeling, and he is so tall”.
    And so Charlotte is riding the best and most expensive horse in the world.
    “Thank you, Totilas”. “It was the coolest thing to ride Totilas, and while he needs to relax a little bit and I can help him with that, we’ll go back to the studio”.
    Kanoe Godby
    See, I was raised by wolves and am really behind the 8-ball on diplomatic issue resolution.

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