I am seeking a retirement home for my registered Morgan mare, Birchwood Chekherboard. “Chek” is a beautiful 14.3 hand, black bay trimmed in white. Typey and athletic, she is still a joy to watch trot at age 21!

Due to a breeding career, Chek was never trained to saddle or harness. She is no longer fertile, and is now available as a COMPANION ONLY due to a low back. Otherwise, she is hale and hearty.

Chek has EXCELLENT MANNERS. She will live in a run-in shed or box stall, respects all types of fencing, and doesn’t bat an eye at children, other animals or “general farm commotion.” She adapts easily to a herd situation and is an OUTSTANDING BABYSITTER for foals and younger horses.

Chek is current on all vet, farrier and dental care. An easy keeper, her diet consists mainly of free choice, good quality hay with a small amount of grain and MSM for joint health.

As her owner of many years, my primary consideration is finding a kind and loving home for Chek. I am willing to continue paying her vet/farrier/dental expenses and any incidentals (MSM, grooming supplies, etc.), but do not have the resources to keep her on my current property.

I would like Chek to go to someone who will give her attention – she enjoys grooming, longeing and treats. A written free lease would be completed with contingency plans that she return to me if the lessee could not keep her. I would retain her papers and enjoy the occasional scheduled visit.

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE! I've advertised Chek locally for months now and have received many nice emails. However, most of those have been from: 1) people who "would like to have a horse someday" and do not have facilities/experience, OR 2) they are looking for a paying boarder. I need to place Chek in what I hope will be a "forever" home, or at the very least, an open-ended one.

I do NOT check the Chronicle forums often, so if interested, serious inquiries may email me directly at: Glorymorgan@yahoo.com