Hey guys! I don't usually post over here but I'm wondering if anyone may know about any Overskate progeny. He was a Canadian Thoroughbred inducted into their racing hall of fame. He died in the 1990s. I'm mainly just curious because I rode/leased an OTTB in the early '00s who was by him. Aside from looking so similarly, both he and Overskate died at a relatively young age (17-18). The OTTB I rode, Over Point, would have been 22 years old this month, and I'm mainly just curious if anyone has any ties or information about Overskate (Over Point was a gelding and i don't think he ever made it to the breeding shed).

If anyone has info on his dam, hagley's point, that would also be great!

Also, and this may be a question for the racing forum, does anyone know of the chances of finding old racing win photos? And I do mean old... Looking for anything Over Point may have won in the early/mid 90s. What are the odds of finding a file still around (I know I'd have to purchase it of course)?

I've tried a search here but nothing has come up, and the term Over Point yields too many results and it just omits the 'over' word. Sigh.

Thanks in advance for any info! I know it's probably a long shot, but worth trying! :-)