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    May. 12, 2011
    Pacific NW

    Default Albion- good deal?

    Is 720 a good deal for an albion original comfort saddle? 1995, excellent condition. Cant really find that model on Ebay for comparison, but if its like other albions it seems like a screaming deal.
    also any comments on this particular saddle? I have ridden in Albions, love them, not sure of the models though. Would really like to buy this one though if it works out to be a good deal.

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    excellent condition
    If it fits the horse & you, that's a great deal

    You might talk to an Albion rep about how this saddle has changed over the years, eg, tree, panel configuration ... I would expect to reflock unless it's been done recently (have a fitter check for lumps etc).
    Examine the saddle carefully for any warping of the tree.

    Look around online for used prices - unless it's an odd seat size, panel configuration etc, anything under $1K is a good deal.

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    Mar. 27, 2008

    Default Original Comfort

    I have one I just bought off e bay that is actually too small for me (it was worth a shot at the price though). I bought it for cheaper then that and would sell it for cheaper then that, so PM if anyone is interested,

    Oh- and it is a beautiful, dark BROWN!

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    Dec. 20, 2007


    I bought a used brown Original Comfort a couple weeks ago for $400 - brown buffalo with suede seat and knee rolls, and kicking it way old school with serge panels too. I LOVE it, horsey loves it as well but be forewarned the twist is very wide!

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    Aug. 15, 2010


    JAB - that is a great deal! In general, the Albions tend to fit wider horses quite well, and they are nice, well built saddles. I do agree, the OC has a really wide twist, so if you are comfortable in that, it is a nice saddle!

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    Jul. 15, 2003


    I have an Original Comfort dressage saddle, unique with 19" seat and wide tree. Sold my dark havana OC GP900 to a barn buddie a few years ago. Absolutely loved both saddles. They were both built around 2001 and are in excellent condition. Original Comfort really does describe them well.

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    Jul. 1, 2009
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    I purchased an Albion (brown) original comfort for $750 in 2006. It had just been reflocked too. It's a very deep seat so it wound up being too small for me. I had to keep the stirrups way to long to avoid my knees going over the blocks. The twist is super wide too. It didn't work for me, but it was still a lovely looking saddle.

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    May. 1, 2010


    JAB - I think we both bought the exact same saddle this week.... that's creepy! I'd love to see what yours looks like in comparison!!

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