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    May. 15, 2011
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    Default Your picky horse's favorite joint supp?

    Asking because Mr. Picky Pony decided that he doesn't like his SmartCombo Ultra all of a sudden. I previously had him on SmartFlex Resilience III in the powder but he didn't like that either, so we switched to the pellets and I figured I might as well put him on a combo version.

    He'll eat it somedays, but the days where he instead litters it all over his stall make me want to shove it down his throat as all I see are little dollar signs being wasted.

    I know SmartPak is willing to send free samples, but does anyone have any personal experience with picky ponies? We're going to try Absorbine Flex + Max next which is supposed to be a "picky eater friendly," but then again, so is SmartCombo.
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    I use EQUINESAVER from FIGEUROLA.COM. It has everything in it I was amazed. I feed it to my top Dressage Horses, my Racehorses, my broodmares & even my young stock. Never had one turn their nose up at it.

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    Jan. 21, 2010


    I do IM adequan injections, so they don't get the option.

    But, when I was feeding oral joint supplements back in the day, the Corta-Flx liquid was popular. Squirt it over some grain and they were good to go.

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    Apr. 25, 2000


    I use Legacy Pellets on both my OTTB's and they both eat it and it seems to work as well as any of the others I've tried...

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    My Poison Detector TB ignored the MSM I put in his grain.
    Ate it right down
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    Dec. 1, 2009


    Cracker is super picky and will only eat the SmartFlex Senior Pellets. The powder is unacceptable. She ate SmartTendon powder for a little while, then had to go to pellets for that, too. She hated SmartFlex Repair (is that Rehab or Resilience now?).

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