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    I think that, as other have stated, if you teach a "dressage change" you can easily get a "hunter change" on that horse by virtue of not collecting the canter. That is, IF your horse is totally relaxed about changes and doesn't get one iota tense.

    My 3rd/4th level horse has never been a hunter a day in her life. But, when I tried her prior to purchasing her, I essentially got a hunter change on her simply because I did not have the canter collected enough. (My 2nd time riding her and I just wanted to make sure the changes were confirmed enough that I could get them.) Matter of fact, the trainer's words were "yes, she changed but it was really flat."

    And another horse I bred and raised has been a dressage horse and we have been working on changes, teaching them the "dressage way." I have been taking her for some jumping lessons with a hunter trainer for fun (another one of my mares is in hunter training because that is what she is best suited for.) The other day we did a change while jumping and the hunter trainer commented on what a great change it was. Again, canter had no collection so change was flat and smooth.

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    The most correct is back to front. Think of it as the horse pushes off of the back leg when you ask him to canter.

    Oh gee- I'm from the Hunter forum. Guess "most of us folks" don't know cuz you know, only "dressage" forum people know the difference.

    Quote Originally Posted by netg View Post
    Unless you ask the hunter forums, where most of the folks there don't know the difference.
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