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    Sep. 20, 2011

    Default Recommendation for trainer in Southern Pines

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a trainer in the Southern Pines area? I'm needing someone who can give me a kick in my a$$ and tell me to get over my irrational fear of jumping more than 3 ft!

    A little background: I was eventing at Training before retiring my mare for a younger model (dumb move). Younger model had major trust issues due to a crappy "trainer" who started her, I tried to work her through them, etc. but unfortunately failed and retired her as a broodmare. By that time I severe confidence issues and found myself freaking out about jumping 2'6. My trainer at the time found me a older horse who was free to a good home who was still able to compete. I competed him BN and he helped my confidence immensely but he couldn't compete past BN so I gave him to another rider who was in my situation. I then started searching for a horse to compete and one of my old trainers offered to free lease me her mare. Mare was doing Hunters but had too much go so trainer thought that I could introduce her to eventing and see how she liked it. The mare is amazing, no stop, loves to jump, and loves xc! We recently moved up to Novice and had a decent first run but I found myself with anxiety during start up.

    I do have a wonderful trainer I'm working with currently who supports me and has helped me overcome some fear but I'm in need of a trainer who tells me to get my a$$ out there and stop being a bloody baby

    Any suggestions? TYIA!!!

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    Apr. 2, 2009
    North Carolina


    Well, there are all types of personality types. I personally do my jump training with David O'Brien and love him -- he is very kind and patient, he seems to realize I beat myself up for everything anyway, and he brings out the best in my horse. He is always positive and encouraging and has given me the confidence to do more than I thought I could without my even realizing it until I looked back on it.

    However, if you want someone considerably more assertive, well, you might like his wife, Lauren. She is far more likely to tell you to stop being a baby, LOL!

    I imagine Denny is about to go north soon, but another trainer I like very much there is Bobby Costello -- I have not ridden with him, but met him at events multiple times and he is always friendly and knowledgeable and energetic and I know he is an excellent trainer. A friend rides with him and does very well.

    There are approximately 305 different ones who live there, big and small, loud and quiet, mean and gentle, you can take your pick. I am very loyal to David because I need someone in my life to be kind to me, LOL. I'm sure others will have plenty more to say about others.

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    Jan. 26, 2001


    Denny helped me for years. I crippled myself in a terrible accident 10 years ago. He is sympathatic but can also tell when you need to get over it!

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    Nov. 19, 2005
    Lost in the Sandhills of NC


    Mr. PM has started riding with Bobby Costello - like him very much - firm, but always finds something positive to say.

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    Nov. 29, 2005

    Default SP trainer

    I could not recommend the O'Briens enough. I spent a winter with them after my horse came back form an injury. The horse never went better, I never rode better!

    Lauren will be riding at SP2 this weekend. I am sure you will find David in the warm up ring. He is a natural teacher... she is a natural competitor. A great combo!

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    Oct. 14, 2000
    Now In the Sandhills, NC mostly


    Bobby Costello!

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    Apr. 13, 2007
    San Antonio, Texas

    Default one more vote for the o'briens

    i spent a stint as a working student for david a number of years ago and can't speak highly enough of him and lauren. as previous posters said, david was great on a day to day basis, and lauren really put me in the right frame of mind at competitions. great combo and great people.

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    Mar. 28, 2011


    Bobby Costello, Charlie Plumb, and Will Faudree are all super. Different teaching styles, but all are very understanding, and eager to help you meet your goals!

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