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    Feb. 1, 2011

    Default Chantal Sutherland in Dubai World Cup

    Do you think she'll get chosen? What do you think of her as a rider? I really admire her because I think she's strong, competitive, and has done real well for herself though I think she gets a bit too much into the role of playing the "I'm a woman, I can wear pink and still race". I rather enjoyed Julie Krones approach which was to fight like a man.

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    Oct. 13, 2003


    I don't really know enough yet to say too much about them as jockeys. I'm sure they are both great and I admire them tremendously. I wasn't following racing as closely back when Julie was riding.

    Some of me loves Chantal (what we see of the person); some of me doesn't. For me also, too much talk of being a woman first and too many shots of her painting her nails. (Probably the guys like that more. Sort of makes me gag, though.) I guess that is part of how she decided to market herself. Has it worked ? - sure seems so.

    But, I'd much rather hang with Julie, too.

    Thanks for the thought provoking question. I'm a little afraid of what I wrote above, as people can get into a tizzy about not much, sometimes, it seems.

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    Nov. 14, 2011


    I'll hang with Julie and Rosie (Napravnik) with you guys, Chantal, I could take it or leave it. Wonder if a woman riding in the world cup is okay with everyone in Dubai. I know the middle east isn't as bad as it's reputation, but I'd be careful.... Has a female ever ridden there before?

    I've seen so many girls get into racing, become jockeys, and then flame out in a few months when they realize how tough it is. So I really respect Chantal, as we all know, us girls tend to be impulsive

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    Sep. 20, 2007
    south of loxahatchee, fla

    Default chantal and rosie

    To be honest--Chantal is waaay too much woman drama. Julie and both Rosies, Napravnik and Holmeister are consistent and talented.....gotta forget the women krap if you are competing with the men. Napravnik has proven she is tough enough many times.
    Julie ok not know how riding in Dubai will figure in....

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    Jul. 19, 2007


    Well, I can understand wanting to emphasize that you don't have to be unfeminine to succeed in a "man's sport." (I'd like to know how she'd keep a manicure neat riding. I destroy mine before I even get to the barn.)

    I was wondering the same thing Angelico was, though--Dubai/UAE is, at least where FOREIGN women are concerned, better than some places in the Middle East, but there's a difference between not arresting women for driving or showing ankle (which does indeed happen, don't kid yourself) and having one in silks riding a race.

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    Mar. 10, 2006


    Several women jocks have ridden in Dubai.
    Besides that, given the first female of Dubai is a renowned equestrian, ex Olympic showjumper and and president of the FEI, and that women regularly compete in and have won the huge Grand Prixs held in Dubai, the idea of Chantal riding there is hardly going to be an issue.
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    Jul. 21, 2011


    There can hardly be any issue at this point in time.
    Princess Haya , president of the FEI and youngest wife of the ruler of Dubai, the UAE," signed agreement for the formal adoption by the FEI of the Brighton Declaration on women and Sport..."
    The entire press release can be read on the FEI website.

    Of course, this gesture is in regard to the olympic games, I believe ,perhaps because of the publicity surrounding the Saudi Arabian ruler's refusal to allow any female athletes to represent their nation in the olympic games.

    The FEI or the UAE could not bar female jockeys or any other female equestriennes at this time (if they ever have) and retain any credibility.

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    Jul. 2, 1999


    Keep in mind Chantal is actually a Canadian citizen, so it wouldn't be a first for an American female jock She's certainly made a name for herself in large part by relocating to SoCal. The Animal Planet series 'Jockeys' gave exposure, then modeling and articles in fashionable magazines, and even the ill fated LUCK.

    By comparison a fellow Canadian riding up north mostly (Woodbine) to a lot of success but a fraction of the cult following is Emma-Jayne Wilson. She's come down to Gulfstream Park to ride this winter, but that's no SoCal with exposure. Emma-Jayne has pulled in over $44M in her career in earnings. Obviously the jock's cut of that is generally 10%, but she's only 31.

    If you think countries back in the day even which seemingly would not have women as jocks keep in mind the one time "Bunny Jock" Mary Bacon rode in Japan for a week in 1978.

    Some think Chantal is the first to put her body and looks above her riding talent. I think its more the era we live in where fortune and fame is there for the taking if you won the gene lottery with good looks. Keep in mind the aforementioned May Bacon was doing this almost 40 years ago:

    She was a great quote. About her trademark flowered panties, which always showed through her white jockey pants, she said, "When I'm on the lead, it gives the boys back there something to look at."
    I cannot imagine that quote given out today even with out far more casual regard for innuendo wouldn't create a big stir.

    In the category of just a tough, skilled jockey regardless of sex its hard to overlook Rosie Napravnik as being the rider to eclipse Julie Krone by the end of her career: jockey earnings rankings Rosie is 14th overall with $1.8M (from 276 starts) where as Chantal #101 with $481k (from 92 starts) and Tampa Bay-based Rosemary Homeister Jr #104 with $474 (from 247 starts) ... Rosie will win the Fair Grounds jockey title again.

    I certainly wish Baffert/Sutherland well for Dubai as its good for the sport. Two of the most well recognized personalities who do very well in front of a camera isn't a bad thing.

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    Oct. 29, 2000


    I totally side with those who think that Chantal's image is annoying, but I give her some slack because I think a lot of that came from the TV show, Jockeys, which portrayed her as Mike Smith's girlfriend first and a jockey 2nd. She was not responsible for the spin of that.

    And the thing is, she IS beautiful, and feminine. Yes, she has used her God given assets for publicity -- but I go by the old adage: If you got it, flaunt it.

    The trainers who use her do it because she wins, not because she is a beautiful woman.

    If the other women jockeys mentioned were as good looking and feminine as Chantal (who even has a lovely, girly name for which she is not responsible) who is to say that they might not have played up that aspect?
    I used to be addicted to the Hokey Pokey but then I turned myself around.

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    Oct. 13, 2003


    <If the other women jockeys mentioned were as good looking . . . as Chantal>

    Actually, I think they are. They may just not mascara, foundation, highlight & nail polish as much for the camera as she does.

    Kind of gets my stomach upset when she (or more like when her scripts, publicists, whoever) tell her to say things like, "Oh, they told me I'm too pretty to be a jockey." Too much of the "I'm pretty, I'm pretty, I'm so pretty" thing.


    Sort of like when people with money tell you how much money they have or . . . you get it.

    Now, it probably is that her media people have her talking that way. Did it help make her more famous & more money - sure did. I can't blame her for that, then. But, still,

    Sorry, but I think it's, well, (what word do I want?) gross?

    Do I wish I had her talent & ability though? - sure do.

    Just venting.

    Rosie, et al. - you are just as beautiful. really.

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    Dec. 20, 2000


    I'm a fan of Chantal and will be rooting for her in Dubai. I think that she and Game On Dude are an awesome team.
    If she wants to play up her looks and femininity, more power to her, I say. I think that she *is* beautiful and I dont think that its just makeup either. I'm definitely amazed how good she always looks right after races.

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