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    Default New Saddle - Break in routine? (Wool Flocked)

    So, I have this SADDLE, (Collegiate Nobility), coming in the mail.
    Its wool flocked with vegetable tanned leather. Argentine made, so not the highest quality, but a nice saddle for the price.

    This is my first new saddle in eons and I would like to hear people's thoughts on break in.

    I a little about my preferences! I am an "old" Pony Clubber. I LIKE to oil (olive oil). My old Miller's Collegiate saddle is 16 years old now, and still looks great despite regular oiling.

    My "kit" currently consists of olive oil, Some German bee's wax conditioner, castile soap, and bar / liquid glycerin.

    What do you use to get that wax off that new saddles come with?

    Baby pad only for first rides (wool flocked - one horse)?

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    I'd wait til you see it and then decide. If it's that softer calf leather, I wouldn't be oiling it much, you'll make it limp.

    And yes I'd just ride it in a thin cotton pad. (But I prefer to ride just about everything wool flocked that fits right in a thin cotton pad.)

    Is this the one from Classic Saddlery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appsolute View Post
    What do you use to get that wax off that new saddles come with?
    That typically isn't wax. It's fats from the tanning process, and it's called "bloom". I rub it back into the leather with my bare hand.

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    All I know for sure is to get a saddle fitter to check it out after a couple of months after the flocking settles.

    It looks lovely, though. Good score!!

    I use Bienenwachs too, and also Effax, once a week.
    2012 goal: learn to ride like a Barn Rat

    A helmet saved my life.

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    figure 20 hours of riding is the time to get the flocking checked and adjusted. I also oil and have had great success with longevity of my leather. My daughter just did her ha with reins that I bought in 78 and longing equipment and girth from 86. i would use pure neatsfoot oil, not olive oil. it does seem to do better for the leather.

    good luck.

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