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    Default Has Anybody Had Problems with Orders from Musser Forests?

    I made two nursery orders this spring for more bushes and things for the farm. Haven't received the second one yet, but the two are night and day contrast experiences so far.

    Stark Brothers immediately emailed me confirmation of the order as soon as I made it months ago, was absolutely in touch, and I could verify status of the order on site. Did charge my card 2 weeks before their "anticipated shipping" date. I sent an email inquiry and received a reply within the same day that yes, they had changed the date of spring due to better weather than average. They sent an email notification of shipping (although again, I could check out status of my order in processing at any time on their site). I received a tracking number from them that worked. Followed my package en route, got delivery promptly, received healthy, well-packaged plants. No problems. They did change the date, but that first one was never set in stone, just "anticipated shipping." They have never taken more than 1 day to respond to a question from me by email. I also asked a question regarding last year's order; same impressive response time and friendly folks. Happy camper.

    I ordered a few things from Musser Forests that Stark did not have. Shipping was to be "at proper time for my area." I NEVER received any form of email acknowledgment and in fact was wondering if this order went through. No way to check your order on line. Received a few weeks later a confirmation letter mailed. They, too, then charged me early. They did not answer their inquiry, although I figured that Stark's answer, with both early charges being on the same day, probably applied to both with an industry-wide shipping bumpup by nurseries due to the weather.

    Nothing. No package from Musser Forests. They did finally develop a "track your order" button on their website. It doesn't work with my order number. I sent them an email a week ago noting this and asking if my order had shipped. No reply yet.

    If it hits 30 days from the time of charge without me seeing my package, I will file a dispute on my debit card. Even if I get my package at this point, they have definitely not impressed me with their lack of customer service and lack of communication. Will not be shopping with them again.

    Anybody else had problems communicating with/getting shipments from Musser Forests, or do they just not like me?

    Go to Stark Brothers if they have it, folks. Much nicer to deal with.

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    I haven't ordered from them yet, but since I'd like to do a long mixed border of shrubs/trees around our property line, have been considering it.

    Just a FYI - keep the Dave's Garden Watchdog site on hand to take a look at before ordering from online garden companies. Here's the main link, along with the link to reviews of Musser's:

    Here's the link to the Musser's reviews:

    Here's the link to the Watchdog home page:

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    Thanks for the site. Looks like others have indeed had communication and shipping ambiguity problems.

    Hopefully the stock itself will be good, though I was already expecting small (given the prices). But healthy or not, I'll try another place next time.

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    Jun. 18, 2007


    Well, I did get the box today, and the plants look small but decently healthy. Here's hoping.

    However, I will not be doing business with them again.

    No response whatsoever to multiple inquiries on this order. They do not have a toll-free phone. They will not give a working tracking number. They will not respond to questions from customers. They charged the card many weeks before this was packed.

    And looking over the packing list, the return/claims policy is something else. Contrast strongly to Stark Brothers, who will replace anything within a year, no hassle, no hoops, no "minimum of 20% loss" from order, etc.

    I'm glad to have the plants, but it is well worth paying more to somebody else who has a pulse.

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    Wow. I did business with them years ago and they were great. I wonder what happened?
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