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    Default Crosspost - What's up with the Cavalor craze?

    Lately it seems like the barns in my area have been on a real Cavalor kick. Has anyone used it? Is it really that great? I'm on Seminole Wellness know and my horses look amazing (and actually lick their buckets clean), but am I behind the times? I went to the feed store the other day and the nice man there let me look at the feed and the tag (I was looking at the Senior feed for my older ones), and here are my questions:

    It says it has herbs, but doesn't tell you what the herbs are. Does anyone know if they will test? I know Seminole has products with herbs in them, but I don't use those.

    The fiber is 11% - isn't that a little low for a true senior feed?

    The starch is 23% - I can't imagine how my crazy red head mare would explode on that. Doesn't tell me what the sugar is either, though I guess I could call and ask.

    Where's the vitamin E info on the tag??

    Are the minerals chelated? It says they're "sulfates"...that's not chelated, right?

    The feed was really pretty and smelled GREAT, but I'm having trouble justifying paying $31.99 for not even a 50 lb bag when I have these questions. I'll probably stick to my Wellness - why fix what's not broken - but I just don't understand why the big deal is about this feed.

    Not meaning to dis the feed - I'm sure it's great - just wanting to know if there's something I'm missing.


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    I looked into switching the barn I was running to Cavalor about 18 months ago after I had chatted with the reps at Fair Hill. I LOVED the way the feed looked, especially the "Strusamix" (sp?)- I love the European feeds that have "chaff" in them! However, after doing the math, even when I calculated feed 1/3 less feed as they said I would be able to do, I was still going to have a feed bill that was almost twice what it already was for the Pennfield I was feeding...and really very happy with.

    On top of that, at the time I was considering it, France was having all the strikes at the ports, etc. The rep made the mistake of mentioning that they had had a hard time getting a shipment over to the US because of that. I was not wild about my feed source being across an OCEAN! I can drive to the Pennfield mills in a couple of hours....I like that much better!

    Also, the feeds are going to be formulated differently for European horses than American horses, so it seemed wiser to stick with an American made (same region) feed.

    The feed still seems cool to me, but still not cool enough to switch. Maybe I'll feed it if I ever end up in Europe.

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    Aug. 22, 2011


    Hello everyone I posted the you tube videos yesterday and I did not put in the post that I am in charge of business development for Cavalor as I should have. I posted the videos to provide information and answers to some of the questions as well as other riders stories on using Cavalor. As far as the bugs go we are one of the few companies in the US who do not use any genetically modified grains or harsh chemical preservatives. Because of this our feeds can be more susceptible to bugs if not properly stored. However, this is a risk the company is willing to take for the health of the horse. Any bag that may have bugs we will take back and replace or refund if that is preferred as we want our customers to be as happy as the horses who eat Cavalor. As far as the price concerns our feeds contain many supplements from Omegas, Pre & Pro Biotics, Muscle, Joint and even Electrolytes. Many of our clients have switched to Cavalor after running the numbers on what they were spending on supplements as well as how long one bag of their current grain was actually lasting them and found Cavalor was less expensive or the same price and the quality they believed was better for that same price. This all being said every horse is different and there are so many different factors that go into a healthy horse so if you and your horse love the feed you are currently feeding then I wouldn’t make a change either. If you have any other questions please feel free to post, email me directly at or give me a call on my cell 615-566-3282.
    I also want to address the questions asked earlier:
    Does anyone know if they will test? ALL Cavalor Products are doping test free.
    The fiber is 11% - isn't that a little low for a true senior feed?
    The starch is 23% - Please see you tube (Presco Story) as this explains how the Presco starch is safer than any other starch currently on the market and the digestibility is higher allowing for lower numbers creating better results.

    Where's the vitamin E info on the tag?? Vitamin E is included in our Vitamin Mineral Mix which is how it is listed on the tag.

    Are the minerals chelated? It says they're "sulfates"...that's not chelated, right? The minerals are indeed chelated.

    Again thank you for your time and interest.
    Mawghan McCabe

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