Need You Now Equine is located just north of Ottawa, Ontario. Transport is available at a discount across the province and possibly beyond.

We've only been running for a few months but have already found new homes for over 30 horses who would have otherwise gone for meat. The horses are coming straight from the feed-lot and held at NYNE until someone speaks up for them and offers a home.

They are all tested for sanity & soundness before arriving at NYNE. There is a wide range of training levels, some have not been halter broke, others are fully broke w/t/c.

All horses are priced between $200-800 depending on weight, and the money goes right back to the feed-lot to pay for the horse. Need You Now Equine is a purely not-for-profit group and there are no additional fees when you decide to adopt one of the horses.

We've had small child safe ponies, retired broodmares, great trail worthy quarter horses and everything in between. If you're considering purchasing please stop by and think about giving a deserving horse a future. These are not bottom of the barrel horses, many have just fallen in the wrong hands and would make perfect project horses.

With the OLG pull-out of Ontario Racetracks we are also looking for trainers who can re-start OTSTBs. These guys make great dressage mounts but need some training to get them started.

We're happy to help facilitate cross-border adoptions too.
(Works even if you don't have facebook; we have an email list you can sign up for)