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    Quote Originally Posted by hitchinmygetalong View Post
    Also, the horses were Morgans, who are famous for looking fabulous on two-year-old hay and a salt lick. And if they didn't "clean it up" I would be hiring a backhoe because a Morgan that won't clean up it's dinner is one sick horse.
    Bwhahahahahaha! SO true!

    I have nothing more to add.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mawghan McCabe View Post
    I also want to address the questions asked earlier:
    The fiber is 11% - isn't that a little low for a true senior feed?
    The starch is 23% - Please see you tube (Presco Story) as this explains how the Presco starch is safer than any other starch currently on the market and the digestibility is higher allowing for lower numbers creating better results.
    Ok, you quote the question about fiber and then answer it with info on starch, and these are 2 different things. Did you get confused while answering, or do you not know the difference? One of the things I noticed while looking over the info booklet when my feed store first started carrying Cavalor was that as a general rule, most of the feeds were low in fiber compared to other top companies (i.e. Seminole Wellness, Triple Crown and Pennfield). Is there a reason why the formulas in your feed are so much lower in fiber?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xeroxchick View Post
    Belgium, Dalton. . .
    do the distributers have an affiliation with the old North Georgia Horse Trials or Chattahoochee Hills?

    I had thought that Cavalor was a sponsor of Michael Pollard, who is married to Nathalie Boukaert-Pollard. Nathalie's father owns Chatahootchie Hills.

    While confirming my information, I found out (link below) that Michael is actually the CEO of Cavalor and his wife is an officer of the company.
    Quote Originally Posted by alicen View Post
    We have no intentions of tarring and feathering anyone: this is now a thread about dipping Ryan Reynolds in chocolate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitchinmygetalong View Post
    If Cavalor "sponsored" them, they weren't paying shelf price.

    Also, the horses were Morgans, who are famous for looking fabulous on two-year-old hay and a salt lick. And if they didn't "clean it up" I would be hiring a backhoe because a Morgan that won't clean up it's dinner is one sick horse.

    It is lovely feed. It is expensive. So many other feeds are equally beneficial at a more "pedestrian" price.

    I'll pass.
    This! I worked as a show groom for about 6 years in my youth and in the 2 barns I worked at NONE of the horses got any type of grain. We're talking strings of 25-30 show horses many of them world champions across a variety of divisions from western pleasure to park to roadster.

    That being said, my local feed store just started carrying Cavalor. The starch level scares me though.

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    I have seen it and held it and smelled it -- it is beautiful and I would totally put it in a bowl with some milk and eat it. But I don't feed it to my horse, primarily because it would probably cost more than my board per month. I know they have been marketing heavily to the eventing crowd, sponsoring some riders, etc. Maybe that's why you've been hearing more? They only recently (maybe 2 years ago) started distributing over here, I think it's a Belgian brand of feed.

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    I have not heard of this feed. How long has it been around and how much is a bag? I currently feed Triple Crown and am very happy but you never know when you may have to make a switch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spotnnotfarm View Post
    I have not heard of this feed. How long has it been around and how much is a bag? I currently feed Triple Crown and am very happy but you never know when you may have to make a switch!
    It's been around for a few years, but only within past year or so has really taken off in popularity. Partly because it is finally more widely available. It is a very nice feed, I'll give it that. Definitely looks and smells good enough, I'd want to eat it! But if you want to give it a try, be sure to take a gold-clad credit card or fat wallet with you to the feed store. The typical bag costs around $30 and averages only around 35 lbs. So compare that to the typical $20-ish for TC in a 50 lb. bag...

    The 2 places I know for sure carry it in the Atlanta area is North Fulton Feed and Cherokee Feed, but there may be others.

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    Default Cavalor Questions

    Where are the actual ingredients listed? What is Presco starch? What are the ingredients of the "Vitamin Mineral Mix"? What is "Struconcept"?

    The actual ingredients are listed on the bag. More details can be emailed just let me know which feed you are interested in and I will email you all the details that do not fit on the bag as the feed is sold in 55 plus countries we have many different languages on each bag.

    Presco is a process such as "flaking" which is what Pennfield uses or "extruding" which many different companies use.

    Presco gelatinizes (makes a gel form) starch that optimizes the digestion in the small intestine. Presco improves digestibility from 5-50% in non-treated grain, to 85-90%. This reduces the risk of colic and improves the overall digestibility of the feed by 30% meaning you can feed 30% less volume.

    Presco also has a higher viscosity, which improves digestibility by keeping the grain in the stomach longer and releasing it more slowly into the small intestine. This gives the enzymes more time to digest the nutrients, and also keeps the insulin production lower.

    Research (Bothe 2001) has shown that Presco also provides a more sustainable and even energy source so you will not have the peaks and valleys in your horses energy level and attitude.

    The Vitamin & Mineral Mix is made up of Dicalcium fosfate, Magnesium oxide, Vit A, Vit E, Vit D3, Vit Choline, Iron sulfate, Iron oxide, Copper sulfate, Zinc oxide, Manganese oxide, Calcium iodate, Sodium selenite, Cobalt, Sodium chloride, Magnesium carbonate.

    The Struconcept is crude fiber. We use high-grade stems of forage, flax fibers and beet pulp.

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    Aug. 22, 2011

    Default Cavalor Bags

    The typical bag costs around $30 and averages only around 35 lbs. So compare that to the typical $20-ish for TC in a 50 lb. bag...

    One bag of Cavalor if you are feeding 6 lbs of it to your horse per day will last you 7 days. That is $4.14 per day or $29 per week or $116 per month. Isn't your horse worth $4 per day?

    Per Day Per Month
    Electorlytes $0.36 $10.80
    Joint Supplement $1.28 $38.40
    Muscle Supplement $0.39 $11.70
    Hoof Supplement $0.68 $20.40
    Coat Supplement $0.71 $21.30
    Prebiotics $0.54 $16.05
    Probiotics $0.54 $16.05
    $4.50 Total Daily Savings
    $134.70 Total Monthly Savings
    $1,616.40 Total Yealy Savings

    Cavalor suggested retail pricing and bag size:

    Cavalor Comfort.................$21.99 is 44 lbs
    Cavalor Perfomix............... $29.00 is 44 lbs
    Cavalor Mash & Mix............$29.00 is 33 lbs
    Cavalor Strucomix..............$29.00 is 33 lbs
    Cavalor Pianissimo..............$29.50 is 44 lbs
    Cavalor Strucomix Senior.....$31.00 is 44 lbs
    Cavalor Endurix..................$31.00 is 44 lbs
    Cavalor Fifty-Fifty...............$31.00 is 44 lbs
    Cavalor Superforce.............$31.00 is 44 lbs

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    Ok, now it is getting way too close to advertising in my opinion. And not that I think horses need all those supplements I don't see how you can claim it replaces all of them with the ingredients listed. What for example are the "joint supplement" ingredients?

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    I have yet to see a bag of Cavalor priced below $37, which is much higher than Cavalor's "suggested" retail price! Just because they suggest a price, does not mean the feed store have to use it!

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    TC Complete is better and cheaper. $17.00 per 50 lb bag. My 17'2' horse only needs 6lbs a day and it has equivalent ingredients. Thats $2.04 per day. Who's fooling who ?
    ... _. ._ .._. .._

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    I don't want to advertise on this forum just want to clarify the facts on the lbs of the bags and the suggested retail. Please let me know where you have seen $37 per bag of Cavalor. We want all our dealers to respect our suggested retail prices.

    As I have said before if you horse is doing well on his/her current feed there is no reason to change. Don't want to fool anyone just answer questions being asked about Cavalor. TC is a very nice feed that works very well for many horses.

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    I switched both my horses to Cavalor 2 months ago.
    Imp, a retired TB eventer, and very, very picker eater, was on Seminole Wellness Senior. She would typically eat a few mouthfuls in the morning and then be ready to go out. She would finish her breakfast at lunchtime.
    Tucker, my draftcross, was on Seminole UltraDynamix. He is a low level eventer. No issues with the Seminole. Because he is a draftcross, I try to feed for EPSM, but he also has allergies, so this isn't easy.
    I picked up some samples at my feed store. The horses wolfed down the samples and were begging for more.
    I took the plunge, despite the cost. My feedstore charges $27 and $30 for the feed. I put Imp on the Senior and Tucker is on the Endurix.
    We now have to wait for Imp to finish licking her bucket clean every morning, which is something she has never, ever done, even when she was competing and on Strategy.
    Tucker for the first time has dapples. Imp has grown in a beautiful dark bay coat this summer.
    My only concerns were I thought the fat was low for a senior, and for Tucker, the starch is high for an EPSM diet. However, they get Seminole UltraBloom, which is a high fat supplement, and that seems to be a good choice for a supplement.
    As for the higher costs:
    It took 3 bags of Seminole to fill my cans. It takes 2 bags of Cavalor feed to fill.
    Both horses get about the same amount, which is 2 pounds of Cavalor per feeding (I have weighed it). The Cavalor is lasting just as long as the Seminole. So when you break it down, it really isn't that much more to feed and I feel the benefits are worth it.
    Lori T for product updates on the lines I rep

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    My horse has been on it for 70 days and has failed to thrive. For a semi-retired off-track thoroughbred of 17 years, it seems to be all hype.

    I wish I had never switched from Seminole Show n Sport. My horse was fat, happy, and energetic without being the fire-breathing dragon he is on this stuff. Unfortunately, our barn manager is affiliated with the company and the feed has been sort of pushed on us. The other off-track thoroughbred owner at the barn is feeding weight builder behind the BM's back in an attempt to help her horse.

    What's wrong with our US based feeds? I just don't see why this feed is so much better. By the 90 day mark I'm going to have to change his feed if I expect him to get through next winter.

    Verdict: completely unimpressed.

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    Reviving a slightly old thread hoping for some answers from the Cavalor rep...

    I have fed this a little and my trainer is feeding it currently. It smells amazing and I will admit that it also tastes great

    However, I question the claims of money saving as well.

    Specficially, I want to know what all the supplements contain? What is in the Arti-whatever for joints? Ingredients and amounts? Digestive support supplement?

    If in fact, these contain useful amounts of ingredients that I am currently supplementing, then there may be a cost savings (and much less work) for me!

    Hoping she'll come back and tell me!
    Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc

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    Please see below info on the different supplements that are in the Cavalor Feeds. Each feed has a different set of supplements so based on what you need you can mix and match the feeds. We have many clients who stop feeding additional supplements and many who reduce the amounts of additional supplements depending on the horses needs.

    What is in the Arti-Pro? Chelated Cu, Zn, Mn , Si and Type II collagen

    What is in the Florastimul? Fructo Oliga Saccharides (FOS), is a Pre Biotica

    What is in the Muscle Plus? Vitamine E and organic Se (Selplex)

    What is in the Omega 3? Omega 3 oil coming out of Linseed oil (or Flax Oil)

    What is in the Pro-Yeast? Living Yeast , is a Pro biotica

    What is in the Struconcept? Different sources of Fiber, coming from Alfalfa, Flax Chaff, Chicories pulp (rich in FOS)

    What is in the Mega-Electrolyte? High levels of Na, K ,Cl, S, Ca

    What is in the Pro-Energy? Specific Energy for Specific work:
    An Aerobic work needs Energy out of Starch (Superforce), Aerobic work needs Energy out of Oils and Fibers (Endurix)

    What is in the Air-Force? Herbal Mixture to open up the airways, based on Urtica Dioica, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Gentiana Lutea, Trigonelle Foenum graecum, Foeniculum vulgare, Carum carvi aromaticum, Pimpinella anisum, Pinus Sylvestrius

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    Gee, I get all that good stuff in EquiPride at a fraction of the cost. I only feed 2 cups (yes, cups.. not pounds) per day to my draft & half-draft. Have ZERO worries about starch or sugar for my I.R. Percheron. The Percheron gets hers in plain beet pulp, the clyde-X gets it straight since she needs no extra forage due to her easy-keeper-ness.

    Plus just by one click on Equipride's website, I see the exact and total ingredients list. I don't have to wait for a rep to come on a forum to spell it out for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildlifer View Post
    I have seen it and held it and smelled it -- it is beautiful and I would totally put it in a bowl with some milk and eat it. But I don't feed it to my horse, primarily because it would probably cost more than my board per month.
    What a great way to describe it! I agree, the ingredients do look yummy enough to eat. A friend of mine tried it for awhile then switched back to her old feed mostly because the price for the Cavalor was outrageous.
    Proud owner of a Slaughter-Bound TB from a feedlot, and her surprise baby...!

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    Ouch, you guys are harsh!

    If you have questions about the feed and are genuinely interested then email/call the company and ask. We are fortunate enough to have the gentleman come on here and answer questions... sometimes things from Europe aren't translated 100% correctly because you're referring to technical process which might be done differently in the US.

    If you are 100% happy with your feed then there is no issue; if you want to learn then lets learn but no need to be so critical and start attacking because this person didn't know that they needed to put a "COTH DISCLAIMER" before every sentence.

    And no... I'm not affiliated with them, have never tried the feed or even held it but thankful for the free hat they gave me at Rolex. I just think a little bit of patience/tolerance would be nice sometimes.

    I'm looking through the Cavalor product list and just reading about the different formulations you have. I have a 4 year old easy keeper (chunky on very little grain (about 1 kg per day) and lots of grass/hay) that is also lazy. Painfully lazy.. until you go cross-country and she likes that and wakes up. Flat work is just painful - and yes, the vet has looked at her and there is nothing concerning - she is fat, happy but not very motivated.

    We were looking to try something that would give her a bit more energy and oomph. She is a warmblood. Any suggestions on which feed or supplement we should try?

    The complication is that she is boarded out so my ability to micromanage her food is limited but I would like to hear from you on what you suggest and maybe other people dealing with a similar problem can learn from your response.

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