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    Aug. 22, 2011


    Thank you for your email. I really appreciate your rational words. I will start with supplements I would recommend for your horse. We have several that are formulated to add energy. To start we have Cavalor An Energy Boost which is a liquid paste that can be given on an as needed basis directly in the mouth or on the horses feed. This product works as quickly as 15 minutes and will stay in the horses systems for up to 1 hour. If you are looking for a longer acting energy source we have Cavalor Kick Up. This product takes affect after 12 hours and stays in the system for up to 24 hours. We recommend giving Kick Up the PM and AM before the event, 50 cc per day. Use 50cc every 2nd day if needed. For more of a daily supplement we have Cavalor Powered. This product starts taking affect after 3 days and best results seen after 30 days. This product increases red blood cell count and acts as a vitamin and mineral boost. Both Kick Up and Powered are liquid supplements that again can be put directly into the mouth of a picky eater or added to feed as a top dressing. On the grain side we have several options as well. For the quickest energy increase we have Superforce that can be added to your current grain (20% Superforce 80% current grain) two days before an event and then feed throughout the event 80% Superforce 20% current grain. For easier keepers we recommend Endurix feed to add energy and for harder keepers we recommend Perfomix to add energy. Please let me know with if any of these interest you and I'm happy to give more details on ingredients and or any other needed info. Thank you 615.566.3382

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelico View Post
    Until this thread I had never heard of Cavalor feed
    yeah, same here.

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    A feed store here tried to sell me on it, says he can't keep it in stock but at $37/bag the cost just seems outrageous.

    I am somewhat intrigued by the pianissimo for my difficult mares but have never seen a 'calming' agent actually work excpet for placebo effect.

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    does Cavalor feed contain soy ingredients such as soybean hulls or soybean oil?
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    Even though I loved Cavalor, (as posted here already), I had to switch back to Seminole a few months ago. Apparently there were issues with the Cavalor rep for our area and our feed store finally gave up trying to keep it in stock. It was really frustrating to go and buy my feed, only to find it out of stock. The store would say they had no idea when it was coming and if I called the rep personally, she would say it would be delivered within days...and it wasn't. Several times I found myself making emergency trips to Ocala to get the feed. After my mare died, who was on the senior and it was the only feed she really loved, I decided to make the switch back. I would have kept going to Ocala for her, but my gelding is just as happy on Seminole. It is too bad, as I really liked the results of the feed.
    Lori T for product updates on the lines I rep

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