Old woman lived next door to a weekend rental cottage of mine. Old woman has moved into assisted living. Beagle has been left behind at her empty house on acreage. Daughter, who lives on the other side from me, is putting out food. Dog lives outdoors and wanders over all adjacent rural/farming properties. Dog is extremely friendly to the point that as soon as you open your door she is in on the couch, open the car door, she is in the front seat etc. I think she's older (but looks in good health) and very lonely (and probably confused now old lady has gone).

People I rent the cottage to at the weekend don't always like dogs. I don't like dogs in the house. I don't want dog pestering my guests. Dog shows up the MINUTE a guest does, jumps in their cars etc. They can't sit and enjoy this lovely weather with the doors open to the porches as the dog is right in and on the couches. Dog jumps up on people, some guests have kids, some guests are afraid of dogs. Last weekend dog puked on both front and back porches to the disgust of the guests.

I have spoken with daughter about keeping dog contained when I have guests there. I have offered a 10x8 dog kennel/enclosure. Daughter is unwilling to make any effort to contain dog. I have called animal control and they will speak with the owner. If dog continues to be left to roam, dog will be removed.

I suspect that this will not be a good ending for this dog.

Daughter would be DELIGHTED to give this dog away, she doesn't want it and other than putting some food out, I suspect does nothing. I see the dog hanging around with the cats, so no issue there. Dog is super, super friendly, rolls right over onto her back when you so much as look at her.

Can anyone offer this dog a nice retirement with some people that will actually pay attention to it before I have animal control remove it? It's in the Brenham area.