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    OMG this thread brings back so many great memories! I rode at Pegasus-Meadowbrook from age 9 when we moved to the area from New York, that was 1966, until I was 14 and my parents bought my first pony from the Littles. Several months after that we moved my pony closer to where we lived, to board at Wheaton Park Stables. They had such a great program at P-M, I remember going to camp there in the summers and how in the morning they'd put all the mares and then all the geldings in the arena and gallop them around. The tetherball in the circle in the center of the driveway at Pegasus and how the barn was built into the hill. I remember many of the horses and ponies already mentioned, plus Daddy Long Legs (tall chestnut), Sherman (because he was built like a tank), Sassafras (Sassy). Farnley Netta had that gray in her tail and I remember the first time I rode her, what a nice ride she was. My first horse show was a student show there, I did walk trot and won a blue ribbon. Trail riding in Rock Creek Park, and sometimes we'd go to some arena in the middle of the park and jump. So much more... I went back some years ago to see it (I don't live in the area) and where Pegasus was it was houses. I was devastated. So cool to hear about others, but I don't remember many people names.

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    Of note, one must remember dear old Claude who's bench is forever in place still at Meadowbrook w/ plaque (Claud's Bench") I do think they removed his "don't even think of parking here sign" but that must've been some time after the Littles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonquil View Post
    I do have some pictures. I'll get them together and post them here, and I hope you and others will too.
    Lots has been posted since I was here last. Yes, now I remember Carmen as you have described her. I have a few photos - just don't know how to post them here. I also have one of their old brochures from when I was an instructor. Thanks for reminding me of Dee's last name - I was lost on that one!

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    Ah yes, Sherman. I was there when he was purchased and enjoyed being a part of the naming process for him. Darkhorsecj, we were there at the same time. I was a student in 1966-67 and then an instructor for a year or so.. One of the photos I have is of Claude leading the App mare I worked with some, Glory Bee. Another photo is of me with The Elite drinking some Coke out of a can, a favorite of hers.

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    Default Meadowbrook Stables Reunion 11/08/2014

    Who is attending the black tie fundraiser/reunion this November?

    I can't believe I found this thread. I remember quite a few of the people and many of the horses. Who can forget Claude?

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    Default Meadowbrook Reumion

    Reading this thread is like a walk down memory lane. I was at PM Stables when Fen was on her way out and the Little's were coming in. You all that are out there need to know that Meadowbrook is celebrating their 80th year this year and there is a Gala at the Chevy Chase Women's Club on Nov 8. Go to the Meadowbrook Stables page and you can read about it and come. I'm going with a friend that I rode with in the late 60's and early 70's and my Mom who rode at Meadowbrook in the 40's. We sent plenty of pictures, which they asked for and I've been looking for folks to come. David Bradley has the lease on Meadowbrook, I believe and he should be there along with Bill Wolf and I hope some other folks from the era.

    Yes I remember Leaflet, By Gosh, all the school ponies and don't forget Carmen, Sugar Plum, Sun Daddy, Rosie too! They were what got us all started.

    Faye is in Fla and Mr. Little did pass away a couple of years ago. I did hear that Jamie Little did come by the barn. Brook is in Fla at Mrs. Littles farm and Mrs. Little is in NC helping with her brother who is ill.

    Email me is you are interested in the Gala and I'll send a copy of the invitation. My name is Lee Marshall

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