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    Dec. 30, 2000
    The land of heat waves and unbearable humidity

    Talking Rider's excuses; Funny :D

    "Common sense is so rare nowadays, it should be classified as a super power."-Craig Bear Laubscher

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    Jan. 31, 2012
    Buffalo, NY


    Love this.
    "It's hard to wait for something you know might not happen, but it's even harder to give up when you know it's everything you want."
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    Dec. 22, 2005
    Chicago. Again.


    Artwork by Jody Livak Werner, tons of funnies available here:
    Quality hunter, jumper, pony & equitation sale horses available worldwide, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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    Jul. 9, 2011


    Super Cute
    All that is gold does not glitter;
    Not all those who wander are lost.
    ~J.R.R. Tolkien

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    Jun. 20, 2008


    I swore my AA horse would be named No Excuses, sadly I got a green horse so I had excuses.

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    Sep. 30, 2007


    Hey, they stole some of them from me!!! I remember going in one of our first trail classes and at the same time, they were starting a driving/carriage class in the adjacent ring. My horse got through the trail obstacles but she was certainly distracted- she'd never seen horse drawn buggies before. Also it is certainly true that some judges like my horse and others don't. Especially when I have shown in a show put on by the QH folks riding my OTTB. But she did win one of her classes to my great surprise. I also had a show where my horse commenced to go about the course like Mr. Toad's wild ride- totally amped up and crazy, doing leaps of exuberance. I attributed it to lack of work as she was coming off a period of limited exercise. We usually do a two to three hour trail ride the day before a show in an effort to settle her down. And then there was the time that I had a big brain fart and completely forgot my course part way through- and couldn't remember it- that was embarrassing! I blame my feeble middle aged brain. I LIKE having lots of excuses!!!! But I also make an attempt look at my role in what happened too.

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