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    Default hay delivery stuff

    ok THIS is why my drivers are not going to drive 3 hours to your house,spend 3 hours fiddling around while you micro manage the placement of every single last bale and then come back home....

    just in case you thought we were being unreasonable.

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    I am one of the last 210,000 remaining full time farmers in America.We feed the others.

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    What a horrible wreck! Prayers for the trooper and his family.

    The company I work for used to have it's own fleet of trucks. I managed the department for a little over 3 years. I can tell you that their time on the road was always stressful until they got parked back on the yard. You just never know what will happen with delays in getting unloaded, traffic delays, detours, other idiot drivers etc. Besides, you have no guarantee that they will come to work well rested and fit to drive.
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    I feel kind of bad for the trucker in that situation. The article is a little unclear but if I read it right, he risked himself to help save the officer. My ex was a long-haul trucker and the amount of pressure a lot of those companies put on their drivers to drive even when overtired is intense. They might follow the DOT laws with regard to downtime and all that, but that trucker might still be operating on very little sleep, especially for someone who just recently got their CDL and isn't able to be hired on with the better companies yet.

    I mean, I feel worse for the officer who was just parked on the shoulder and was hit and severely injured. It is just a tragic situation all around.

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    the driver ran back and helped pull the trooper out yes...

    Production Acres,Pro A Welsh Cobs
    I am one of the last 210,000 remaining full time farmers in America.We feed the others.

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    From what the article said the truck drive was the one who got the trooper out... it said he forced open the door, cut the seatbelt and pulled him out. I hope they don't charge him as a felon. He needs to pay for his horrible mistake but I should think his heroism would count for something. My thoughts are with the trooper, I hope he makes a full recovery.
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