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    Default Deep Digital Tear

    My best friend and I are buying back her 20 year old horse. He will be pretty much in retirement. Might do occasional rides with him later down the road.

    The people who have him and are selling him back to us, rehabbed him through a deep digital tear. The tear happen a year ago. He is on his last set of corrective shoes (or so we hope, depends on what farrier says). Supposedly tore it landing from a jump (bad footing is suspected).

    Anyways, what should our concerns be long term with him? Currently he is sound and current owners have ridden him lightly. Obviously we won't be jumping him. Just basically a pasture ornament and if able to, my daughter's flat horse in the fall. Depends on where she is at in her abilities. She may never get to ride him as he is still a little hot, even at his age. And how he is doing.

    Either way, we are happy he is coming home. It broke my friend's heart to sell him when she got relocated to Germany and I couldn't afford another horse at that time. And I just happen to have found him on Facebook and was able to follow him that way. The person she sold him to sold him to these people. And now he is coming home.

    We have never dealt with anything this serious and want to make sure that he lives out a long healthy life. Thank you!

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    I think they can certainly heal, just like any other tendon injury. If he's just going to be tooling around and ridden lightly, I'd say keeping him in good weight, taking great care of his hooves and avoiding bad footing are the most important things, along with making sure he's kept at least somewhat fit if he's going to be ridden at more than a walk.
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    Are you talking about a DDFT tear?

    Front leg? Hind Leg?

    If it is a hind leg and the horse can go without hind shoes, keep his foot well underneath of him and get the farrier to watch closely how the foot lands. Trim to aid that landing.

    I'd get a baseline ultrasound if the folks that have him do not have one. I think they are prone to reinjury if the hooves get any big change at all. More frequent rimming is necessary. JMHO.

    There are two things that are good for healing tendons even after time. One is Runners Relief and the other one I have to get the spelling on. I would have them on hand.

    Good luck. It is manageable.
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