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    Jul. 21, 2009

    Default Not even 12 m old and being ridden

    Dancing horse

    Urgh! This is horrible! Not even a year old (b: OCt 2007, video uploaded July 2008) and being ridden a la "dancing horse" style.

    Poor little thing.

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    Oct. 18, 2008
    Deschapelles, Haiti


    Yikes, that is an immature colt. We have a similar problem in Haiti of People not understanding that young bones and muscles aren't all 'there' yet, even if the animal has a little size. But since human medical care is usually iffy, the practice is to back them young 'before they can buck enough to really hurt the rider'. We've had quite a battle to try and make sure no one climbs on Jimmy's two youngsters yet.
    HAS provides hospital care to 340,000 people in Haiti's Artibonite Valley 24/7/365/earthquake/cholera/whatever. blog:

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    Nov. 12, 2009
    New England


    WTH kind of foolishness is THAT?!! Ok, a young, green stud colt (who should be out in a pasture, gelded, growing up). Check. A
    small child with no helmet. Check. A clueless idiot doing the absolute best job he can to ruin this horse. Check. I see a Darwin award in the future.

    Holy crap! There's a part 2:

    I had to double check the location to make sure it wasn't that twit from CA with the "Exotic Dancing Horses".

    MY head hurts.

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    Mar. 9, 2006


    Don't just complain to the choir here, FLAG it as animal abuse at YouTube. If they get enough alerts on it they should yank it down.
    "Police officers are public servants. Not James Bond with a license to kill."

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    Feb. 12, 2012


    Too bad they cant make it stop

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    Nov. 13, 2010


    Those dancing horses are horrible as is! Now they're starting them at less than a year old? Terrible, absolutely terrible.
    come what may

    Rest in peace great mare, 1987-2013

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    Jun. 20, 2009
    Northeast Ohio, where mud rules your world...


    that is the weirdest thing I have seen in a long time. And what is the point? All I see is a bunch of jigging in place. I spend a whole lot of time trying to keep my horses from thinking that's not okay! Totally pathetic and weird, just weird to do that to such a young horse. Just...... weird....
    ...don't sh** where you eat...

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