Lexus is 15 years old and 15.3 hands. He is a sound registered Thoroughbred gelding. Only maitanence is a joint supplement and front shoes while in work. He currently does not have a job and enjoys working, so I'm hoping to find a suitable match for him that can enjoy him.

Lexus is best suited for jumpers and has schooled 3' courses. He has auto changes 85% of the time around a jumper type course. Not a stopper but is pretty bold so requires a confident rider to package him so he jumps his best.

He is also well-schooled on the flat in a copper double jointed loose ring and has had some lower level dressage training. He does not get bored doing just flat work so would be a good candidate as a dressage only mount too.

Lexus has been on tons of trail rides and will walk/trot/canter/gallop in a group as well as cross water and various trail obstacles, but needs a confident rider for this as well. He has not been foxhunted and I'm not sure if he'd be a good candidate for the whole "go, stop, wait, go" kind of thing.

I have schooled him over a few cross-country obstacles such as small coops, stacked logs, and regular logs and he was fine as long as I was assertive. He has not been regularly schooled cross-country though or over all the different obstacles present even at beginner novice, so I'm not sure if he would be a good candidate for eventing. He would have to have some more schooling.

He's a fun ride, rarely spooks, but is a sensitive guy that wants to please. He would make a fun pleasure or show horse for a confident junior or adult.

Please PM me for more information or for my email address. I'm looking to place him ASAP but will not sacrifice for a less-than-quality home!