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    Default Heat in a corneal ulcer?

    I read through about a page of threads on them, but cannot find my answer. Studly managed to do something last night that caused a small ulcer on the outer edge of his eye. Discovered it this a.m., hot, red, swollen. Vet came out at noon, confirmed ulcer, started on banamine, eye antibiotics. Suggested atropine for the day, vet said may not need atropine tomorrow. Wearing fly mask and patch over affected eye. He had it semi open before I placed meds in it. It feels hotter tonight than it did this morning. No fever, he is eating well. Is heat a part of the inflammation process/infection? When should I expect it to dissipate? Should I ask the vet about oral antibiotics to be on the safe side? She asked me to check in with her tomorrow, so I want to make sure I cover my bases with her.

    The old mare I had had several good corneal ulcers before she died, but I just do not remember them being so hot....

    Also, is it fair to ride him with his mask on? He can get a little testy if he isn't ridden regularly.
    Thanks all!

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    My mare had a corneal ulcer from hell - she spent four days in the hospital for it - it started "melting" - one of the worst my eye vet had ever seen. The area around her eye was hot (and swollen) - can't remember if it got hotter though as I had the vet immediately out and then the specialist came out and then I took her right to the hospital. My mare had treatments in her eye for six weeks via a SPL tube - only real way to make sure all of the meds are getting in! You can ride in a mask on - I always did if there was even one bug out (my mare is ultra-sensitive) but I did not ride her at all while her eye was healing - eye issues are painful and it wasn't fair to her to make her work but yes you can absolutely use a fly mask during riding (Cashel makes a great one designed specifically for riding ). Not sure about oral antibiotics - I can't remember specifically what my mare was on (have to check my paperwork) other than four meds going right into the eye and oral banamine for the pain - though i'm pretty sure she wasn't on any oral antibiotics. I would definitely follow up with your vet as eye problems can go south fast as you probably already know.

    Hope your guy heals up soon!!
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