To take the DD and her horse to LAX to fly to Germany for the foreseeable. The AG inspector didn't quite know how to handle the International Health cert, or many other issues.
AG guy, do you have a horse with you?
Me, yes
AG guy, Where are you going?
Me, to LAX
AG guy, how long will the horse be in CA?
Me, 36 hrs before the plane leaves
AG guy, silence....
AG guy, so you sold him to Germany?
Me, no
AG guy, So you are German and taking him home?
Me, well yes, but no
AG guy, silence
AG guy, I don't really know how to handle this
Me, my DD is taking him to Germany to compete
AG guy, stamps the coggins and ask how much hay do you have with you?
Me, half a bale
AG guy, and when is the horse coming back?
Me, dunno for sure
AG guy, hands us paperwork and off we go

It was 15 degrees at the AG station!