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    Sep. 21, 2001
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    Default Show me your pimped out trailer tack room!

    Having finally sold my old ghetto trailer, I now feel justified in pimping out my new trailer's tack room. I have a Merhow 2H straight load bumper pull, with a nice sized dressing room that right now is very... blah. But it has potential.

    I need ideas! I need inspiration! I need something to do because it is too muddy to ride!
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    Jul. 29, 2009
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    I only have a rear tack now with my LQ trailer, but I have managed to cram quite a bit of stuff in it.

    I have 3 brush trays on the door which are filled with brushes, fly spray, meds, first aide kit, fly masks, hoof file, shampoos, fence charger, hoof boots, liniment, etc

    The trailer came with 4 bridle hooks, but I've added many more. My favorites are the long single ones, so I don't have to reach up so far. The items on these include rolled up hose, tree savers, hose, bridles, halters, girths, trailer ties, fly wisp, lead ropes, cantle bag, etc I bring extra of everything as I go on many 10 day trips and can't go shopping mid trip.

    2 saddle racks hold the saddle, 3 saddle pads, and 2 pommel packs

    On the floor: electric fence tape on reel, tire saver, folding stool, 3 folding chairs, feed pan, 2 large buckets, 3 small buckets, 6 gallon water container, broom, & stable fork.

    I've probably forgotten some items - but the key is to get stuff off the floor - get in on hooks or in brush trays for easy access. Leave the floor area for what you can't put anywhere else.

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    May. 23, 2006


    My husband added many extra rings to the struts on the wall of the tack room, and strung bungee cords between them. I can put whips, folding chairs, tarps, etc behind the bungees and they are held neatly up against the wall. Love it!
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    Jul. 15, 2005
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    I'll be interested in seeing some ideas, too. I haven't really made any mods to my tackroom.

    Mines a gooseneck, when you go in the door the saddle rack is straight ahead on the opposite wall and has 4 racks stacked vertically. On one side of that I have my stack of buckets for feed/water at shows, and on the other I have a folding saddle stand, a folding stepstool for mounting, and a couple folding chairs.

    On the wall to the left of the door there are a bunch of hooks up high that can hold bridles and such, I have a couple spare halters and leadropes there and I keep a midweight jacket there. I also have a little waist pack hanging there that has some basic first aid stuff, flashlight, etc in it. Below the hooks is a blanket bar which I keep a couple day sheets and coolers on.

    To the right is the gooseneck area... up there I have a few tupperware bins, one has human first aid stuff and extra stuff you might need like toilet paper, safety pins, bug spray, etc. This one also has road safety stuff: flares, the X thing for removing tire lugnuts, spare fuses, etc. Another box has equine first aid stuff: vetwrap, gamgee, liniment, betadine, bute, banamine, oral syringe, duct tape, sugar (can mix w betadine to make hoof packing or use to sweeten stuff in oral syringe), electrolytes, thermometer, stethascope, etc etc. I also keep copies of the horses current coggins in there.

    Then I have another smaller tub that holds a spare set of quilts and wraps. These are for emergency only - I bring a set to shows and whatnot where I plan to use them.

    Up in the gooseneck I also have, a laundry bag with my show pads, more folding chairs, the yellow rampy type thingy you drive you trailer onto if you have a flat, an old pair of paddock boots, water containers - I don't keep them full just store them there in case I need to use them, a grooming box with all the necessary accoutrements, a toolbox with a whole bunch of tools in there, a bucket with lid with clean towels and roll of paper towels in it, and another bucket that has shampoo, vetrolin, sponge, scrubber and sweat scraper in it.

    The little shelves on my tack room door have extra snaps, spring clips, flashlight, scissors, and the chocks for the tires when we park.

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    Jul. 20, 2007
    Rising Sun, MD


    I don't have any pics of mine, but with my 3 horse GN slant, I added a 25 gallon water tank in the corner of the dressing room, an electrical outlet so that I can plug an extension cord from a building to the trailer and then have power in the trailer and a battery operated fan mounted to the ceiling (which is great for trying to get changed in hot sticky MD summer weather). I also have a mattress in the GN as well as some stacking draws from wally world to hold extra clothes since i do use my trailer for camping.
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    Jun. 1, 2001
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    I had a nice boot box built into mine and stained for $100. Got a locker mirror and mini long light at Lowes and glued those up myself with adhesive strips. Also had two really long hooks, like you might use to hang a bicycle in your garage, mounted in it to hang our jackets. I keep my husband's cowboy bed roll in the gooseneck in case I need a nap!

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    Jan. 2, 2006
    Dallas, NC


    I have a 3 horse slant with a dressing room and collapsible tack in the back.

    It looks like a bomb went off in my dressing room, and I don't even keep the saddles in there! But as a joke everyone says if anyone needs anything, I have it! And it's usually the case. Just the other day on a trail ride another friend rode over when I pulled up and asked if I had any boots, her horse threw a shoe. Yep, several, and one that fit. After a trail ride I pass around handi wipes or everyone comes over and washes their hands as I have a water tank, towels and soap.

    Water- yep
    cooler sheet- yep
    boots- yep, 6 pairs
    girth- yep, several sizes and types, english and western
    helmet- yep, several sizes and types
    whips- yep
    equine and person first aid kit- yep

    ....buckets, bucket holders, halters, leads, chains, curbs, bits, treats, brushes, scrapers, trash can, tuna & crackers kits, paperplates, forks, spoons, knives, lighters, handy wipes, papertowels, water, pads, blankets, fly masks, reins, bridles, easy up shade canopy, chairs, table, step stool, blah blah blah.

    I keep cleaning it out so if I actually WANTED to dress in my dressing room I could, but the stuff just moves back in there when I go back in the house. Seriously though I camp a lot, and when I get back I'm just too tired unloading the horses and saddles and the RV stuff it just stays there. As it is I can only stand on the bumper and lean in.

    As organized as I am, people are baffled by my trailer tack room. And I have to say it drives me crazy. I just open the door, get what I need as quick as I need and get back out.

    I should take a pic so you could see, it's really full to the door...

    OH! And I find the hanging plastic shoe holders you get at Walmart are wonderful! I have one hanging in my collapsible tack room on the wall. Have one in my feedroom and regular tack room too. Great for organizing the small items or first aid things, the clear one is the best as you can see without pulling the items out.
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    No pics, but I installed a commercial Dial foaming soap dispenser and a paper-towel rack just inside the dressing rom door using UBER sticky double-stick tape. Sooo handy for quick wash up of you!

    Gonna get this grid system, tho, come end of summer.
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