I'm about 3.5 hours from LSU and from Houston. My 4-yo filly is not LAME persay, but she has some extreme soreness on the muscle right above the top of her shoulder blades, both sides, either side of the withers.

No, I'm not riding her. She was only ridden once or twice a month, lightly, when I noticed this. She's not been ridden, only lunged lightly twice, since I found the sore spots about a month ago.

Her hooves are very balanced, shes not sore to any other palpation except right around the withers. She's super reactive to a girth, both with saddles and with a lunging surcingle with no gullet, done so I can get both hands in there.

There are no vets worth anything closer than LSU or Houston. If I'm going to haul her that far for a look, I want to get to a really good vet. Money is tight still after being unemployed for so long and now going through a divorce, so MRI isn't in the cards right now. She's not insured.