I know this is a long shot but...

In December I helped rescue 8 starving mustangs. Thankfully two rescues in SC took 7 of the horses. We were not able to place a 10 (?) year old stallion in a rescue so we found a local farm to house him and a friend and I have fostered him. He has been gelded, reached a healthy weight, and had shots and wormings.

He is a cute liver chestnut with some chrome ... not very big... probably large pony. We were not able to get much info from the owner, but it is unlikely that he has ever had any type of training. Lack of handling has caused him to have trust issues so he would need a very experienced handler.

We now need to find him a permanent home. The horses were surrendered to the rescue so an adoption contract will be required.

If anyone has any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please pm me or email at winsat1 at hotmail dot com.