Hi Everyone,

I am a long time chronicle lurker who decided to finally come out and join. I am in need of some help and I have seen everyone come together so well in the past so I figured it was worth a try. I have found a 4 month old great pyrenees puppy in a high kill shelter in North Carolina. I am hoping to save her and find transport to NJ. The transports that I have called require a 2 week quarantine period before shipping. I don't think I have the time for that. So, here are my choices...if anyone can help out with ANY of these please let me know! Let's make it happen!!!!!!

1. Find someone to foster her for 2 weeks in that area so that she can be transported.

2. Find someone to transport her to the area of Elon University, where a close friend of mine goes to school. She offered to meet me halfway next weekend.

3. Get a group together to transport "legs" of her trip. I have seen some groups online that do this but they have not yet accepted my request to join the groups. Would anybody here be willing to help a pup in need?

I am more than happy to help reimburse costs incurred.

Any other help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!