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    Default 9-month-old filly with a giant...

    ...snot explosion yesterday!?! (Sorry, I do have to mention and describe snot in this post...)

    She was out in the arena for turnout last night, and when I went to bring her back in, she had snot on her legs, side, neck and nose. Lots'n'lots o'snots. Where's the fruitbat?! Or the snotbat...

    The snot in her nose fell out or was rubbed off and did not recur. This morning her nose was dry as were the slug trails on her body. I've never seen anything like it.

    Could she have seasonal allergies? A simple cold? I'm going to assess over the weekend and decide about the vet. She seems perfectly fine. Normal temperature. Eating and drinking fine and producing normal output, as it were.

    Of course if she does it again or shows signs of illness I'll have the vet out but for now, just wondering if inhaling dust/dirt or anything else you can think of could have caused such a reaction. I've sure seen them inhale a cobweb or poke a piece of hay into their noses, but that usually causes at most a spray of moisture. This was thick ick (though clear).
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    Could she have had a mild episode of choke while she was turned out? That could cause a lot of flung/ wide spread snottage.
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    Jun. 15, 2002


    It's going around in my area. LOTS of snotty noses. Probably a little bit of flu going around.

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    Jun. 30, 2005


    There is something going around here in Washington State. My coming 4 year old gelding is in full time training and out of the blue came down with a cough and snotty nose. There have been no new horses coming in or out at the barn. My horse got it first and now two others have it. I think that it has something to do with the crazy weather. My boy is finally getting over it but it has been slow progress.
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    Maybe she inhaled a little foreign body and it got stuck just long enough to get the mucus train a' running and when she got out of her stall and began moving around in the indoor it worked itself loose and rode the booger trail on out.
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