This guy is about as perfect as you can get. Perfect ground manners, and a simple, no-nonsense ride. He was a Grand Prix jumper so has excellent training and will teach anyone valuable skills. Perfect on the trail, will w/t/c in a group and take you to a dresssage show the same day. Schooled through 3rd level, however has been teaching a rider the ropes of the lower levels and is now looking to move onto his next rider. He is a great horse to put new riders on as well. Clips, ties, trailers, great pasture buddy or Uncle to the babies, stands for the vet and farrier. Looking for a long term home.

Hes 17, and 24 this year. He is sound but only for lower level. This was my once in a lifetime horse when he was younger but I am in college and I cant keep him so I want to find him a really good home.