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    Nov. 18, 2010

    Default Repairing a Baker blanket

    My horse managed to get a pretty big tear in his blanket yesterday and I can't send it off to be repaired right now since he needs it still. Has anyone ever tried the iron on patches you can get from Walmart? I was thinking that might be the easiest fix. The rip is about 3 inches.

    This is the first rip in the Baker turnout. I've been impressed with it because this gelding loves to play with his pasture buddy. Apparently they got too rough yesterday because that horse's tail flap was torn off too.

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    Apr. 9, 2003


    Yes, I confess I have used them in a pinch and they work quite well. Even washed the blanket and the patches held up.
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    Jul. 12, 2011


    Not proud but have done several times. Horsie loves to get tears in his blankets!

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    Nov. 18, 2010


    I just put one on. The worst part is it's blaze orange on a classy Baker plaid blanket! I just need it to last a couple more months until I can get it fixed.....

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