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    Default Tika tries to drown me in the morning

    Yes, That is right. Every morning she wakes me up to a waterfall of drool on my face. Whats worse is when she isn't hovering her muzzle over my face dripping on me, she smears it across my nose and mouth. Once she managed to deposit an entire glob into my nostril.

    Ive even tried hiding under the blanket when I feel her coming. She takes her paw and proceeds to pull my head out. She is friggin talented.

    Now this isnt a little bit of drool. This is so much drool she GURGLES before she swallows it.

    Please tell me why she does this. Why does she try to drown me every morning? I was hoping she would grow out of it like Syble did, but if anything she's gotten worse about it.

    Save me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitari View Post
    Please tell me why she does this.
    Because she LOVES you!!! And the more you hide your head under the covers the more she'll get excited thinking you are playing a game with her and the more she LOVES you.... slobber slobber slobber!!

    Can only suggest you keep a hand towel under your pillow so as soon as she greets you in the morning, you can quickly wipe her face and yours.

    Now please please share a photo of your beloved Tika with us!!
    Life is short. Hug your horse!

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