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    Default Baby Green Eligibility

    Does anyone know what divisions won't effect a horse's Baby Green eligibility for the next year?
    I have been told many differing things, but can't seem to get a straight answer.
    Is there anywhere to look up the rules?
    Also, I have heard that doing one BG division at one horse show in 2012 won't effect the status for the following year? Is this true?


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    Baby green is not a rated division so it really does not matter too much. There are no year end awards for baby green(zone or national). I do not think it would matter if you did 1 BG division at a show in 2012 and then showed BG all year long in 2013. If you are really worried about it, stick with something like an open division such as 2'6'' low hunters.

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    The BG specs aren't uniform, so they vary from show to show. Some say horse hasn't shown at 2'6" prior to this year, some say hasn't shown higher than 2'6" ever, some say first year of showing.....
    Generally the answer is that there isn't really any policing of the division since it's unrated, so no one cares as long as the violation isn't blatant. One BG show and then showing BG the following year again, no one is going to pick on you, regardless of the specs. Showing a horse pregreen the whole year before and then putting it back in the baby green? Not okay.

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