about 5 or 6 years ago, i sent my eq. horse down to florida to live with my friend. he originally belonged to debi connor lopez and had done the grand prix in europe. its a long story, but i had a trainer that completely missed that he needed his hocks injected and refused to listen to me when i told her something was wrong with my horse. for the next 6 months she continued to make me jump him and show him in the 3'6". by the time i left said trainer and got his hocks injected, his brain was fried over fences.

my friend told me she would take him and try to sell him down in FL, so my parents wouldn't have to pay board for him and i could start looking for something else. my friend, her name was Sunday Louis, was living in orlando at the time and took my horse to many different places. im pretty sure he was at bill schaub's, don stewart's and a few other places. i cant remember the place he ended up staying, but it was an eventer's barn and she was working with him to do dressage (he had upper level dressage experience before i got him). the last i heard he was in wellington with an amateur doing dressage. his name is SouthBound, but i called him Jackson. he is a liver chestnut dutch warmblood about 15.3h, very stocky, with a skinny blaze and 2 hind socks. his right hind sock has a huge chestnut pattern on it which makes him pretty easy to identify. he also cribs.

i would appreciate any information on him. he was the love of my life in high school and taught me so much. i hate that he was hurting and i couldn't do anything for him. please PM me if you know this horse. i have tons of pictures of him