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    Default Picky often do you change dog food?

    We have two dogs, an elderly ACD mix and a young BC mix. The ACD mix doesn't care what she is fed, she'll eat pretty much anything and she'll eat the same thing indefinately. The BC mix, on the other hand is picky.

    I've been having to switch her food every 6 weeks to 2 months or she'll stop eating. They've been eating Wellness Core kibble and Trippet Green Beef Tripe (with an occasional other canned food) for about six weeks now. All of a sudden, the BC mix is on a hunger strike and will NOT eat the Core.

    I happened to have some Acana dry food samples in the house. I've fed her those, along with the Trippet or another canned food, over the weekend and she's happy as a clam, eating all her food again. So, I guess I have to get her some Acana and keep feeding the Core to the ACD...there's about 10 lbs of it left still.

    Ugh, it's hard to plan on how much food to buy when I don't know exactly when the BC mix will get sick of her food! I don't like to switch ACD quickly, as she is 14 and I don't want to freak out her doggy metabolism.

    How often do you usually switch dog foods? Is there a problem with regular changing?

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    I very seldom change dry food. I often add in good things and/or add wet food. But if I don't, all of my dogs eat anyway. I don't usually worry if one dog doesn't eat for 24 hours, I note it and if it goes into the next day, may try something to entice them.

    I don't think there is a problem with changing IF you don't have a picky eater.....if you have a picky could make them worse.

    can't say as I've ever had that problem tho so don't have any first hand experience.

    wait....I thought I had a picky eater once, but it was his mouth, he needed 13 teeth removed. The day after he came home, he SCARFED his food down.

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