I want to get a saddle fitter out to check the fit of my english saddle (Bates) that has been giving my horse some back soreness (I think that is the problem anyway) and also to hopefully get a nice used western saddle. I want to try gaming, some longer trail rides, and a few western shows. I can't explore these options without a western saddle.
It would be even better if the saddle fitter was good with all types of saddles like endurance, aussie, and treeless, but I won't get my hopes up.

I've never had a saddle fitter out before so I have no clue who to call. Most of my friends just wing it and don't bother to get a fitter out, or else they would be my first stop.

So feel free to pm me if you know of a good fitter!

...or know of a fitter that I should stay away from.

More bonus points if a good chiropractor could be recommended too!