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    Default saddle repair question

    Today I noticed that the leather on rear block of my 10 year old Antares has worn through to reveal a little hole. its pretty small right now, just a little flap, but I want to take care of it. Since you cant see if when riding I dont feel I need to take it off somewhere to be repaired, but I was wondering if there was something i could use to seal it so it doesnt become a bigger problem.

    is there a glue or sealant I can use to stop the leather from peeling back even more that will be able to withstand being cleaned/friction from riding? thanks!

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    I'm sure Antares would fix it...I just had to ghetto patch the knee on my saddle with leather and leather glue. It's holding okay...good enough to get through Thermal until I can figure out a more permanent solution.

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