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    Default Horses and donkeys together

    Is there any truth to the rumors of the risk of horses sharing a pasture with a donkey due to the risk of lungworm infection (dictyocaulus arnfieldi)?

    I am sorely tempted by a weanling donkey filly...

    Cheers, Lisa

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    I understand that as long as you deworm the donkeys with ivermectin, then there is no worry.


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    My sweet donkey has been with us since 1986 and has always lived among our ponies. Never have we had a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddys Mom View Post
    I understand that as long as you deworm the donkeys with ivermectin, then there is no worry.


    I have had my donkey for years, he's fine, my horses are fine. I did make sure to worm him ivermectin at 2 week intervals for 6 weeks when I first got him and before I turned him out with my horses....just to be sure. I didn't quarantine him for 6 weeks just because of that though....the little stinker needed some brain surgery before he could go out with the herd.
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