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    Default How do I stop kitten from peeing all over the house?

    Title says it -- 6 month old kitten - litter box trained when she got here - still uses it for fecal but she prefers to pee all over the house - specifically on the couch, MY BED, the bathroom rug - I take up whatever she pees on run it through washer, spray with some stuff that is supposed to break down the smell but she just continues - I thought it might be reaction to the other cats (who hate her) but I think she has learned she can do it with no adverse reaction - so what do I do???? I've tried putting plastic sheets down and that deters her from that location but she'll just find another place to go -- do any of those sprays they sell at Petsmart to prevent this sort of thing work? Or what else can I do???

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    Take her to the vet. Inappropriate peeing is most often a sign of urinary infection or kidney issues. If she gets cleared medically, anti-anxiety meds can be very useful.

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    Mar. 24, 2004
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    I had one cat that started that a little older than that. I had to set up one pee box next too the poop box. The other three cats would pee in one and poop in the other.
    If I didn't have two together like that he would find other places such as the laundry basket, bathroom throw rug, etc...

    I have never tried the sprays etc....
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    vet visit, try different litters, definitely need one litter box per cat at least.
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    I too would take her to the vet to rule out a uti but if everything checks out you need to crate her. A few weeks should get her straightened out again.

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    Get her to the vet. A cat that starts out urinating normally and appropriately, that changes drastically, has a problem.

    Says she who's paid more for feline antibiotics than for human ones, for that very reason.
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    Vet & then management until you've removed all traces of past indiscretions: this usually takes a few months even when using serious cat urine Tx products (eg, Urine Off) - it's very difficult to remove all the residue from mattresses or flooring (carpet underlay, cracks in the sub floor etc).

    Cat marking is often behavioral which makes it complicated to treat/solve - products such as Feliway can help but, ultimately, there are some cats that just cannot tolerate living with other cats.
    I have lived with 2 cats that marked, neither had physical issues - 1 was a neurotic marker & nothing really helped; present cat is territorial & just having 1 cat (& no more fosters) has been the solution.

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