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    South Park


    Quote Originally Posted by FlightCheck View Post
    that video made me laugh and laugh
    "When life gives you scurvy, make lemonade."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2DogsFarm View Post

    I have had a stray take up residence in my barn for a year now.
    I would dearly love to trap he/she & have it vetted, but I can just now get as close as 3ft from said cat.
    Feeding is easy - he/she meets me and accompanies me to the assigned bowl. But touching is still not possible.
    This cat has a pronounced limp so possibly human interactions in its past were not favorable.
    2DogsFarm, you should easily be able to trap this cat if he/she comes to eat - I trapped 7 like that - a momma, her 5 kittens and the baby-Daddy lol. That said, find a vet to deal with them may not be easy.

    We are SO lucky here in Ocala to have the Sheltering Hands Feral Cat program. They provide traps and volunteers to assist in the trapping, and then the spay/neuter, microchip, treat for fleas and vaccinate the ferals at no cost. In order to be part of the program, you have to attend a class about the feral cat colony management. They have been fabulous, and I was able to tame the kittens and get them homes with the help of another rescue, Feisty Acres. I still have the Momma and Daddy, but that is because they are truly feral. I will trap them next year so that they can get their 3 year Rabies and vaccinations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katarine View Post
    I attacked MYSELF in JEST.
    LOL. You go girl. You may refer to me as "Princess Crabbypants". Or "She Who Must Not Be Crossed".
    where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedmondDressage View Post
    OMG are you my neighbor? Ok, MA is a long way from WA so no... Maybe our neighbors are related? Our does the exact same thing with their dog only they leave it tethered at least 16 - 18 hours a day. I wrote a note and they stopped for maybe a week or week and a half and he's back out there barking away. It makes me freakin nuts. On top of it they have now gone out and gotten a goat. One single, lonely, miserable goat... That they leave tethered 24 hours a day rather then, I dunno, being a decent animal owner and putting up a freakin fence! WTH? I am really fortunate to have several wonderful neighbors, but this one just kills me.
    So you go out at night, one barkey bleaty night, and you unstake the goat, and you restake it next to the dog. Three things might happen:

    1 - the goat and the dog become friends and the dog stops barking because he has company. Repeat nightly, if they move the goat away again. Problem solved.

    2 - the goat and the dog will become hopelessless tangled up with their ropes, and untangling them will be such a problem the neighbors will either leave them alone and let them be friends (problem solved) or bring the dog inside to avoide the horror of what you create every night (problem solved).

    3 - the goat will butt and trample the dog. Problem solved.

    See? There's a bright side to every situation, you just have to find it.
    Airborne? Oh. Yes, he can take a joke. Once. After that, the joke's on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanM View Post
    . . .
    I think everyone has had a neighbor like this at one time or another, where when you see the new puppy or dog, or cats that eventually they'll end up road kill, or coyote bait. You see a lot of dumped animals at about the six month to older age after the so-called owner doesn't want to shell out for shots, and neutering/spaying about the time the animal isn't so little and cute anymore. When someone tells me it's their animal until the bills come in, I believe what they said when they called it theirs.
    Oh Gawd yes. I have one across the street and "stole" their cat last year. My only, and biggest mistake, was not owning that I stole her therefore she was mine, and missing getting her spayed, so now we have Dinky and Dinky's Children. Four of them. The neighbor actually asked if she could have one of the kittens when she was fat and pregnant - um, no, I've watched you go through three, four? other cats and countless dogs in the three years we've lived here. Dinky was just fat.

    And PS, they are all speutered now.
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    Courageous Weenie Eventer Wannabe
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    Oh geeze, this thread.

    And people say teen girls and thespians have all the drama! You know, I've never encountered as much drama with anyone as I have with horse people (especially horse rescue people bashing other rescues). And I'm a thespian. And I went to an all girls high school. So there.

    Most of the time I smell the drama and just run the other way. Though it's pretty hilarious in theater. SO hilarious.

    On a more serious note: I knew a very kind, if not eccentric woman who made it her mission to place horses, ponies and barn cats from a barn that was closing. She never really found homes for the equines, though they did find homes. We would go together to feed the cats and try to trap them to bring to the vet to vaccinate/"speuter" as ReSomething says. Actual barn owner who considered them the barn's cats, most having been there for 6+ years, wouldn't take them to the vet. Luckily most had been "speutered" years earlier from my trainer when she had rented space for our program there.

    The woman I knew went one night to feed some cats that were still left and must have had an aneurism or stroke. Workers found her in the tack room in the morning. It was also the dead of winter. She died on the way to the hospital.

    She had been using her own money to help these cats that the barn owner wouldn't take care of. Often she had to space appointments out because she wouldn't have enough to get everyone done at once and was living paycheck to paycheck.

    I found a majority of the kitties homes, one I brought up to a sanctuary because he tested positive for FELV+ The other FELV+ kitty got away on the day we were going to bring him to neuter/bring to the sanctuary. Posted flyers for him, also warning about FELV+ and people to be wary if they had cats, but he never showed up. I hope he found a home in another barn as an only cat and I hope he didn't breed. Sweetest Tom EVER though.

    I guess my story sounds like it has an awful moral about not going to a barn alone at night to feed barn cats. I like to think it's more, don't get too crazy about it. I just sound like an awful person now. Crap.

    Save the kitties?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerino View Post
    I've caught 9 so far and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it.

    OP, I can't get by why you would spend 100.00 on a cat that was picking fights with your cats.
    Maria Hayes-Frosty Oak Stables
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    arab horse,
    My new sig line?
    "Hating on people who don't give you a second thought is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die."
    Love it.

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