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    Feb. 20, 2012

    Question Mystery Lameness

    So I have had my new horse for two months he is only six and has no chronic soundness issues.
    One week ago today I had him shod, and there was one nail that we know was to close in the left front. The farrier pulled it, and he was fine. It rained all day that day, so I didn't ride him until the next day(Tuesday). He was sound. Wednesday, he began our ride sound and was even moving very well according to my ground-person, but then took a few off steps and began head bobbing. He was obviously lame on the left front--pointing it, not wanting to trot etc, about a 3-4 on the lameness scale. I immediately thought hot nail and had the farrier back out. He tested all his nails, all his feet, and found nothing, he was about a 2 lameness wise. The horse was perfectly sound Friday and Saturday morning. Saturday night he was a 4 but we were feeding late and I didn't call the farrier until Sunday, he was a 3 that morning. Sunday night when the farrier got there he was SOUND! I rode him for 30 minutes and he was fine.
    Well today I rode him and it was just like Wednesday! He started out perfect and then got progressively lamer. he did have some heat in his left front hoof.
    He has no swelling, soreness, heat or anything, anywhere. I have literally run my hands all over this horses body and found nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like he could be brewing an abscess in there, and the hot nail got close enough to aggravate it. The nail was removed, and the pressure on the abscess was taken away. The next day the horse felt the pressure from the abscess, and voila! Lame pony. Pressure goes away, and voila! Sound pony.

    Good luck figuring it out! :-)
    "On the back of a horse I felt whole, complete, connected to that vital place in the center of me...and the chaos within me found balance."

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    Feb. 20, 2012


    I soaked and packed it like he had an abscess tonight. This lameness has just presented so differently than other problems I've had.

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