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    Feb. 4, 2009

    Default Union Hill saddles

    Does anyone have any experience with Union Hill saddles? I found one on consignment today I want to try out.

    I mostly do flat work but I think it would be fun to do a little bit of low jumping or enter a local hunter show this summer and I don't feel comfortable jumping in my dressage saddle.

    Also if someone has any other suggestions for an inexpensive jumping or AP saddle that will fit a QH type horse with a huge shoulder who likes a medium wide tree with somewhat flat panels let me know.

    I've also got a Thornhill Berlin on order to try so I'd be grateful for any feedback on those as well.

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    Jan. 4, 2009


    I have a Bella Siena by Union Hill that I love! I bought it 5 years ago and it's holding up well. Not that I ride a lot of horses or am a saddle-fitting expert but it fits my portly borrowed TB!
    My friends who've borrowed my saddle really liked it also, but alas, there weren't any available in the immediate vicinity.
    I'll be showing AA hunters this year and I survived last year in the Pre-Adults without one snarky comment about my tack. Plenty to to be said about my ability to go off course and loose leg but not a peep about my Union Hill
    Since it's not a 'big name' saddle, the resale value isn't going to be good. From my perspective, I got a great saddle for a good price.
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    Feb. 4, 2009


    Thanks for the information. I've picked it up and will be trying it out tomorrow. It looks like it may be a bit wide for my horse but I won't know until I try it.

    It's in good shape and it's not expensive. Now to see if it fits.

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