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    Default Broken trailer from attempted theft- how to fix?

    Someone tried to break into my trailer, got the windows folded down, but was so stupid they couldn't figure out how to undo the fold down bars, so instead, pried and pulled on them so they are now bent outward . Now the windows wont latch closed again because the bars are bent outward and in the way of it. DH is going to try and bend them back and see if that fixes the problem, but if the windows still don't latch is there anywhere to get replacement latchs, or windows? Do all trailers have a standard size/shape fold down window? I have a 1996 Pony Express brand (which has been out of business for 10 years. Already tried getting parts a different time).

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    If knocking the bars back doesn't work, bring it to your local metal fabrication place....they'll be able to work up SOMETHING for you, whether it's further banging around, or fabricating a new window.

    I have a trailer repair place around here but always bring my trailer straight to the metal working little trailer is NOTHING compared to the metalwork they usually do (repairing railroad cars, building crane parts, etc) but they're always happy to take a break and work on it, at half the price of the trailer place guys.

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    I'd take the bars out, even if you have to grind the rivets off and use something else to put them back together with.

    Most trailer manufacturers used windows made by a company that is now out of business, so replacements probably aren't available any more.

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